Visit the delightful Scout Cave Trail in St. George

Tom’s Experience hiking the Scout Cave Trail: 

The Scout Cave trail is a 2.5 mile round trip, out-and-back hike, that starts from the same parking lot and trail head as Johnson Canyon Trail; it follows the same path for a little ways and then takes off to the right at a marked fork in the trail. This trail can be accessed many different ways but it was nice to do at the same time as Johnson Canyon.

Hiking in St. George Scout Cave

The Scout Cave trail head is located just south of the south entrance for Snow Canyon but since the parking lot is before the fee station you do not need to pay any fees to hike this trail. This hike is open year round but it can be very hot if attempted during the summer months.

Scout Cave

The trail follows the top of a river gorge before dropping down into the gorge. Once in the gorge, the trail passes pretty close to some new developments of houses.

Scout Cave Hike

There are a few places where you need to cross the stream but there are rocks so we didn’t need to get wet. I do not think the stream is flowing all year long either. It is a dry river bed in the summer months.

Hiking to the Scout Cave

The trail ends at a big Scout Cave that has great views of Ivins, Santa Clara and more.

Scout Caves Trail

Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Head towards the south entrance gate of Snow Canyon near St. George; the parking lot for Scout Cave is on the west side of the road and will be marked with a sign just before you enter Snow Canyon. Trail is 2.5 miles with almost no elevation change except for a small steep section as you drop into the gorge.

GPS Coordinates:

Scout Cave Trailhead:    37.178159, -113.645362

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Visit the incredible family friendly Little Narrows

Tom’s Experience canyoneering through the Little Narrows of Pioneer Park: 

The St. George Slot is a really fun and short slot canyon that is good for the whole family. It is also known as The Red Crack. The bottom of the canyon is just a couple of yards from the parking lot.

St. George, Utah Little Narrows

This is located in the red sandstone cliffs above St. George Blvd in Pioneer Park. Pioneer Park has tables for picnics and lots of fun rock formations for kids and adults to play on. The park is usually very crowded and it can be difficult to find a parking spot in the park.

Little Narrows St. George

There are a few bolts in the slot canyon for rock climbers to climb. The routes are in the canyon, near the bottom, where the canyon is wide enough for climbing and belaying. People are still able to pass by pretty easily. It is a great place to climb when it is hot because it is almost always in the shade.

Southern Utah Canyoneering

The slot itself gets really narrow and you must squeeze your way through, it is about 9″ at the narrowest spot. The slot canyon isn’t very long, maybe .1 miles, and it doesn’t take too long to go through (depending on the line). Near the end, you must climb out of the slot canyon; it is really easy for adults, but children may need a little help.

St. George Little Narrows

In order to avoid some of the crowds; I’ve gone a night with headlamps, which can be really exciting, or in the early morning. This also helps in the summer when it gets really hot during the day.

Little Narrows, St. George

Dogs are allowed in Pioneer Park but must be leashed.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Pioneer Park is located just off of Red Hills Parkway in St. George. The park is well marked and usually very crowded with people.


Location of Pioneer Park = 37.116767, -113.576183

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