Visit the spectacular and unique Golden Cathedral

Tom’s Experience hiking to the Golden Cathedral: 

The Golden Cathedral, located in Neon Canyon Escalante Utah, is a totally neat rock formation.

Fence Canyon Golden Cathedral

The trails in the area are not all that great, and we struggled to stay on a path for more than a few minutes, which makes getting to and from the mouth of the canyon a little difficult.

Escalante River Golden Cathedral

There are a few ways to get to the mouth of the canyon. We decided to go down Fence Canyon and camp at the Escalante River for a night.

Golden Cathedral Canyon EntranceYou can also just head straight for the mouth of the canyon using a topo map to find a safe way to descend down to the Escalante River.

First Glimpse of the Golden CathedralFinding the mouth of Neon Canyon wasn’t too difficult but we did have to bushwhack a little in order to make it. Once in Neon, the trail was easy to follow and there were no problems.

Golden Cathedral Grand Staircase EscalanteIt is a pretty short hike from the entrance of Neon Canyon to the Golden Cathedral. It only took us about 30 minutes. Dogs are allowed to visit the Golden Cathedral but must be kept on leash.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info:  From highway 12, drive south down the hole in the rock road for about 17 miles to a dirt road on the left that is well marked for Egypt. Follow that dirt road 9.9 miles to the Egypt Trailhead. There is a BLM trail register at the trail head. After that, take one of the numerous ways down to the Escalante River. The mouth of Neon Canyon is one of the few openings on the left side of the Escalante as you are looking down river. There is also a very nice campsite right at the mouth of the canyon with trees and grass. Further down river from Neon Canyon is the popular narrow Ringtail Canyon.


Trailhead = 37.593225,-111.218564

Mouth of Neon Canyon Escalante Utah = 37.606634,-111.168132

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Visit the dog friendly Hunters Canyon

Tom’s Experience hiking Hunters Canyon: 

This was a pretty fun trail that follows a stream up the canyon just to the west of Moab, Utah.

Hiking in Hunters CanyonYou are able to see Hunters Arch on the west canyon wall and if you really want to, you could scramble up some loose rock up the steep canyon to stand underneath it.

Stream Crossing Hunters CanyonThis canyon is pretty similar to Negro Bill Canyon to the east of Moab. The water in the stream flows in spring, summer, and after rainstorms.

Hunters Canyon RiverYou cross the stream multiple times but there are rocks placed so you do not need to get wet unless you’d like to. There are also a few campsites at the trailhead and then farther back along the trail.

Hiking in Hunters CanyonThere is more vegetation in this canyon than many surrounding canyons due to the stream. There is slight elevation gain and the total trail is about 4 miles round-trip.

Hunters CanyonDogs are allowed on this trail and I saw many off leash.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Follow the Kane Creek Canyon Road out of Moab for about 8 miles. The road will follow the river for a ways and is paved at the beginning and then turns to well maintained dirt. It passes some steep switchbacks as it goes down the canyon. The parking lot is on the left.


Hunters Canyon Trailhead38.509854,-109.596833

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