Your imagination will soar as you hike the Fisher Towers Trail

Tom’s Experience hiking the Fisher Towers Trail:

This is a very fun place to just go and spend a few hours among the interesting rock formations. The hike is not too difficult and is mostly on sandstone rock without too many changes in elevation.

Hiking Fisher Towers Near Moab

You are able to walk among the Fisher Towers with overlooks into the valley. The tallest tower is called Titan, and rises 900 feet above the trail.

The Titan Tower

Often, you can see climbers climbing the various towers, especially Ancient Art, which is the most popular.

Ancient Art Fisher TowersThe trail is 4.4 miles round trip out-and-back. There is one short ladder section that was maybe 5 feet, which is easy to climb, but our dog was too scared to be lifted up it.

Moab Hikes

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There is no water on this trail and it can get very hot in the summer months so make sure you bring plenty of water.

Moab Trails

Dogs are allowed on this trail but might have a difficult time on the ladder portion.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Moab, drive east along Highway 128, following the river for about 21 miles. There will be signs directing you to the dirt (gravel) road that is fairly well maintained. Follow that road to the Fisher Towers Trailhead and Campgrounds. There is an outhouse at the trailhead. The trail is well marked and is an out-and-back hike. Total round trip mileage is 4.4 miles.

GPS Coordinates:   

Trailhead – 38.724844,-109.308826

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Visit the secret Hidden Valley in Moab

Tom’s Experience hiking to Hidden Valley in Moab: 

I was very surprised at how fun the Hidden Valley hike was. I thought it would mainly be a steep hike that would provide a good workout but when we got into the valley it was very serene and relaxing.

Hidden Valley overlooking Moab, UtahThe first part of the Hidden Valley hike climbs up a steep face that has rocks strewn across it. After that, the trail levels off in a valley between sides of steep red rock cliffs, and has great views of the La Sal mountains.

The entrance to Hidden ValleyHidden Valley was very green and had some wild flowers growing in it which was very different from the surrounding areas. The trail eventually leads up to the “Behind the Rocks” area and the Moab Rim Trail.

Looking back on our hike through Hidden ValleyWe didn’t follow the trail all the way through the Behind the Rocks area but just turned around once we exited the valley. Exploring the area, you can find numbers of petroglyph panels from both the Anasazi and Fremont cultures.

The trail through hidden valleyDogs are allowed on the Hidden Valley trail since it is BLM land.

Natural Lavender Fields in Hidden Valley

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Trail Info: The Hidden Valley trailhead is 3 miles south of Moab. Take US 191 south of Moab and turn right onto Angel Rock Road. The signs are small so make sure you are looking carefully. After two blocks, turn right onto Rimrock Road and follow that road to the dirt parking lot. The hike is 2 miles to the end of hidden valley, so 4 miles round-trip. The first part is the steepest as the trail follows some switchbacks up the side of the Moab Rim and then levels off once you are in the valley.


Hidden Valley Trailhead = 38.531613,-109.517288

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