Discover the spectacular family friendly Kanarra Creek

Tom’s Experience hiking through Kanarra Creek Canyon:

Kanarra Creek Canyon is a short and very fun nontechnical slot canyon that is also very photogenic.

Entering the Kanarra Creek Slot CanyonThe hike is about 3.5 miles out-and-back. The first mile or so is along a dirt road that can be hot and is not all that exciting.

Hiking Kanarra Creek CanyonAfter that, you enter the canyon and there is a lot of wading through the stream, so your feet will definitely get wet. There are two waterfalls that block upstream travel.

The Kanarra Creek Slot CanyonThe first waterfall has a metal ladder that has been put against the waterfall to allow you to climb up and over. It is a little slippery but easy to climb and no need to get wet.

Final waterfall in Kanarra Creek CanyonThe second waterfall has some ropes that you can use to climb up and over. When we went there was no way to climb up this waterfall without getting wet.

Kanarra Creek Canyon ExitFrom the second waterfall, you can hike further up the canyon to a nice swimming hole and a mossy natural rock slide. Dogs are not allowed on this trail in order to protect the water supply for Kanarraville.

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Trail Info: Kanarra Creek canyon is located just East of the town of Kanarraville. Parking at the trailhead costs $10 per vehicle.


Kanarra Creek Trailhead = 37.53754,-113.175662

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Explore the quick and simple Birdsong Trail

Tom’s Experience hiking the Birdsong Trail:

The Birdsong Trail is a short, family friendly hike, in the Ogden area. The trail is on well-packed dirt the whole time. It starts at the Rainbow Garden parking lot and goes until 20th street. You can hike it out-and-back or park two cars. The distance is a mile from one end to the other.

Hiking in Northern Utah
It has a small elevation change of 230 feet. This trail has great views of the El Monte golf course, Mount Lewis and Mount Ben Lomond.

Ogden Hiking Trails Birdsong Trail

You pass 6 springs, a pond and one deep forest, as well as nice views of the mountains and Ogden. The various springs provide water for much of the vegetation. If you go in the spring or fall you can hear many different birds singing.

Hiking the Birdsong Trail
The trail is well maintained and packs a lot of different environments in a short distance. Dogs are allowed but must be leashed. It is also a very popular mountain biking trail.

Hiking the Birdsong Trail
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Hiking the Birdsong TrailTrail Info: One trailhead begins at the mouth of Ogden Canyon at Rainbow Gardens. The other trailhead begins at Fillmore Avenue and 20th Street.


Rainbow Gardens: 41.235059,-111.930798

20th Street: 41.231095,-111.936959

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