Enjoy the unique Southern Skyline Trail in Ogden

Tom’s Experience hiking the Southern Skyline Trail: 

The Southern Skyline Trail is 10 miles that connects the North Ogden Divide Trailhead to the Pineview Trailhead. You can do it as a point-to-point with two cars or go back-and-forth making it a 20 mile adventure.

Hiking Southern Skyline Trail

You can also hit up Lewis Peak on your way towards one of the trail heads and that adds about 4 miles round trip.

Hiking Southern Skyline Trail from Pineview trailhead

I started at the North Ogden Divide Trailhead and headed towards the Pineview Trailhead. The elevation change is about 3100 feet and both the start and the end of the trails are pretty steep.

Overgrown Southern Skyline Trail

This trail has great views of Ben Lomond, Mount Ogden and Pineview Reservoir. The trail is mostly hard dirt with a few rocky spots and it can be very over grown in some places.

Hiking the Southern Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail is popular for mountain bikers and motor bikers.

Southern Skyline Trail to Lewis Peak

Dogs are allowed on the Skyline Trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: To get to the North Ogden Divide Trailhead – take North Ogden Canyon Road to the top of the North Ogden Divide. There is a parking lot on the south side of the road. Park there and take the trail that is south of the parking lot that starts heading uphill and eventually under some power lines. After that, there are signs at most forks which tell you the distance and way to the Pineview Trailhead. There are also mile signs every mile showing you your distance. To get to the Pineview Trailhead – Drive 5 miles up Ogden Canyon and turn left across the dam. About a half mile later there will be a small parking lot and sign on the right that says Pineview Trailhead. The trail starts across the street and heads south.


North Ogden Divide Skyline Trail Trailhead = 41.320028,-111.899412

Pineview Skyline Trail Trailhead = 41.265223,-111.825745

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Visit the serene Amethyst Lake in the Unitas

Tom’s Experience hiking to Amethyst Lake:

The hike to Amethyst Lake is one of the most popular hikes in the Uinta National Forest. We hiked this in the middle of June; the trail was very wet and there was a lot of snow up near Amethyst Lake. The mud on the trail was so thick, if we stepped in the mud, it would grab at our feet. There were usually paths around, or stepping stones through the mud, if you were careful you could avoid the worst of it.

Amethyst Lake Day Hikes in the Uintas

The trail is fairly level starting out as you hike through Christmas Meadows and along the Stillwater Creek. Its the same trailhead as Ryder Lake. Eventually the trail will cut up the mountain and follow Ostler Creek. It stays pretty steep for a couple of miles until it levels back out near Amethyst Lake.

Hiking in the Uintas Amethyst Lake

Hiking up the mountain you are able to see a lot of small, but neat, waterfalls as you look over the edge into the river. It helps make the trail more bearable during one of the steepest parts, since the water and the forest are so awesome and the views keep changing.

Ostler Lake Amethyst Lake

Eventually, you enter into another meadow with a stream running through it in the shadow of Ostler Peak. Here you are nearly to Amethyst, a lake surrounded by steep, rocky mountain slopes.

Ostler Peak

There are plenty of fish in the lake if you are looking for dinner. There are a few stream crossings on this trail. They were always easy to cross and we never got our feet wet. Dogs are allowed on this trail and mine loved playing in the snow.

Amethyst Lake

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The trail to Amethyst Lake starts out at the Christmas Meadows trailhead off of the Mirror Lake Highway in the Uinta National Forest. The road from the highway to the trailhead is a graded dirt road and any car could make it so long as it isn’t too wet or snowy. The trail is well maintained and well signed all the way to Amethyst but is rocky and steep in a few spots. It is 13.2 miles round trip to the lake and back. The trail can get very muddy and there is a lot of access to water along the trail and at a few lakes if you bring a purifier.


Trailhead = 40.822245,-110.800906

Amethyst Lake = 40.753828,-110.760486

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