Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack Review

Tom’s Review of the Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack:

My wife wanted something to carry water on short hikes where it didn’t make much sense for her to carry a backpack. Most of these hikes only take an hour or two, tops. She wanted something lightweight, comfortable and easy access. Prior to our being married, she began running and wanted something to hold her water as she ran so her hands would be free, she finally decided on the Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack. This pack has become her source of water for many of our hikes.

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Water Bottle Holders

My wife looked at a few options but ultimately decided on the Waistpack for the following reasons.

  1. Super light.
  2. It’s very comfortable around the waist and it is much cooler than carrying a backpack during warm weather.
  3. The water bottles are easy to pull out and put away, and they are easy to share with others.
  4. The waist band is elastic with a long strip of velcro so it could expand or shrink down (which was great when she was pregnant).

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Water for Hiking

There are a few things about the backpack that I don’t really care for:

  1. The pocket on the waistpack is so small you can hardly fit anything in it (a smartphone will not fit). Of course this could be a positive because a bigger pocket would mean a heavier waistpack.
  2. Only Nathan water bottles will fit in the holsters.
  3. The bottle caps are somewhat difficult to snap all the way closed. This is nice for running because she would keep them open and simply grab and drink, but if they turn upside down at all, they will leak.

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Hiking Hydration

Overall, we are very pleased with this Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack. It doesn’t carry a ton of water but it does carry enough to keep you going during short hikes. It’s so comfortable you can forget you are even wearing it.

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Enjoy an excellent workout up the outstanding Malans Peak Trail

Tom’s Experience hiking to Malans Peak:

Malans Peak is a very strenuous hike on the east side of Ogden, Utah. The views from the summit of Malans are fantastic of the city of Ogden and the surrounding areas.

27th Street Trailhead Malans Peak

The dirt trail is signed and very easy to follow. The total mileage is 4.8 round trip but you gain 2140 feet over the course of this hike. There are also many trees throughout most of this hike keeping it a little cooler during the summer.

Hiking with Osprey Poco

Doesn’t my wife look great carrying our baby in the Osprey Poco backpack! You can check out our review of the Osprey Poco Child Carrier Backpack or purchase it on Amazon

Malans Peak is named after Bartholomew “Tim” Malan, who carved a path up the mountain in 1882 and built a hotel. Unfortunately, in 1906, the hotel, located in Malans Basin, burnt down and there is almost no evidence left.

Ogden Hiking Trails Malans Peak

You can start this hike either at the 27th street trailhead or the 29th street trailhead. The parking is better at 29th street, the same trailhead for Waterfall Canyon, but the distance is shorter at the 27th street trailhead. This trail is very steep and an excellent workout similar to the nearby Hidden Valley. And if you are looking for another steep hike that is an excellent workout, try Adams Cabin in Layton.

Malans Peak Waterfall

Strong hikers can continue from Malans Peak on to Malans Basin (which is a popular camping spot), or even further to the summit of Mt. Ogden.

Overlook from Malans Peak

Dogs are allowed on this trail but must be leashed.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: You can reach this trail two ways, on both 27th street and 29th street in Ogden, Utah. Get on one of those roads and then head east until you reach the mountain. On 27th street there is some parking on the road with a sign reminding people to keep their dogs on leash. On 29th street there is a large parking lot with a covered entrance for the trail.


27th Street Trailhead:     41.21589,-111.928974

29th Street Trailhead:     41.211366,-111.931883

Malans Peak: 41.207056,-111.918776

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