Short hike to beautiful Scout Falls

Tom’s Experience hiking to Scout Falls:

Scout Falls are two small waterfalls along the Timpooneke Trail on the way to Mount Timpanogos. The Scout Falls Trail is only about 2 miles roundtrip from the Timpooneke Trailhead, with about 850 feet in elevation gain.

Timpooneke Trail

There is a $6 fee to enter the National Forest that is usually paid at the entrance but there are self pay stations at the trailhead if you arrive before the entrance is open. There are outhouses at the trailhead and plenty of parking spots but the parking lot can easily fill up in the popular summer months so you may want to arrive early.

Scout Falls Hike

The trail starts off going past a ranger hut and up the mountain towards Mount Timpanogos. There are a few switchbacks but the trail is mostly shaded by tall pine trees which help keep the trail cooler. Eventually, there will be a turn off on the left of the trail with a sign that says Scout Falls.

Provo Waterfalls Scout Falls

There is a small climb up through some tree roots here but nothing very difficult. This will lead you to the base of the falls. There is also a lower turnoff that is unmarked with a trail which will take you just below the falls.

Timpooneke Waterfall

I thought this turnoff actually lead to prettier landscape for photos but both areas are beautiful. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Timpanogos Waterfall

I have heard that these falls can dry up in the later summer months so spring and early summer are probably the best times to visit.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Trail starts at the Timpooneke Campground in American Fork Canyon. There is an entrance fee to get into the canyon that is $6 per vehicle. The trail is easy to follow but there are a few side trails that fork off of the main trail; the main trail will always be the largest.


Timpooneke Trailhead: 40.431171,-111.63914

Scout Falls: 40.417168,-111.640046

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Hike the incredible Mount Timpanogos Via Aspen Grove Trail

Tom’s Experience climbing Mount Timpanogos from Aspen Grove Trail:

Mount Timpanogos is one of the most popular mountains to climb along the Wasatch Front. It isn’t as tall as Mount Nebo to the south, but the beauty of the trail and it’s proximity to the cities can make this mountain crowded on summer weekends.

Aspen Grove Hike

From the Aspen Grove Trailhead to the summit of Timpanogos and back is about 13.6 miles with an elevation gain of 4,860 feet. There is a fee to get to the trailhead of $6 that is paid at a ranger station before entering the forest, or if you are early there are self pay stations at the trailhead. There are also outhouses and potable water at the Aspen Grove Trailhead.

Aspen Grove Waterfall

The Aspen Grove Trailhead is also the same trailhead for the popular Stewart Falls. The trail starts off and you will pass a little ranger hut as you begin up the mountain. The trail is partially paved, up until about the first waterfall, called Timpanogos Waterfall. The Aspen Grove Trail can get a little bit overgrown which is probably why they tried to pave the first mile or so.

Aspen Grove Trail Hike

After about a mile, the trail will lead right to the first and second Timp Falls. This is a nice place to cool off and take a break before starting back up the steep trail. The trail will switchback a few times leading up to the Primrose Cirque and plenty more waterfalls. The Primrose Cirque probably has the most waterfalls in one area than anywhere else it Utah, depending on the time of year you go, and can be very pretty. Most of the waterfalls are not too close to the trail but can be seen from a distance. Be careful of possible ice bridges that can be created by all of the flowing water during the spring and early summer. Eventually, the trail will level off a little bit and you will be above most of the trees and into a small mountain meadow.

Emerald Lake Aspen Grove

This will lead to Emerald Lake, a great spot to camp for the night, or take a quick break before pushing on to the summit. There is also a small shelter here with volunteers during the busiest summer months of the year. From Emerald Lake, if you look straight up, you can see the summit of Timpanogos as well as the small hut on the peak. Follow the trail as it makes it’s way up to the right of Timpanogos and leads to the Timpanogos Saddle. Keep your eyes open because you can often see mountain goats from the valley of Emerald Lake up to the summit. Also, depending on the time of year you go, the meadows could be filled with wildflowers. The last snow to melt on the mountain will be from Emerald Lake to the saddle. It can be steep and icy if you are hiking in the spring or early summer, so come prepared.

Mount Timpanogos

Usually after you hit the saddle, the south side of Timpanogos is fairly snow free in the early summer. The trail from Emerald Lake to the summit is very rocky and can get a little steep. Once you reach the summit you can either head back down the way you came up or you can continue south along the ridge until you reach a snow pile which lasts all year long.

Mount Timpanogos Snow Aspen Grove Trail

If you decide to continue on to the snow for your descent, there is a trail to follow from the summit along the ridge and it will eventually fork. Take the right fork. We took the left fork and it took us to a 15 foot down climb that wasn’t too difficult but could have been easy to avoid had we known before hand. You can then sled down the snow on your tail if you’d like. Just be careful you don’t get going too fast, and you know how to slow yourself down and stop. More injuries on Mount Timpanogos happen from people sledding down this part and hitting a rock than anywhere else on the mountain.

Timpanogos Via Aspen Grove

The snowfall will lead you right to Emerald Lake, and from there you can enjoy the waterfalls again on your way back down to the car. Dogs are allowed on the trail. If you would like to do a shuttle you can make it into a loop hike with the Timpooneke Trail. The most popular route to take for the loop is to hike up Timpooneke to the summit, head down the snow fall to Emerald Lake and then head down Aspen Grove to the Aspen Grove Trailhead. If I had to choose between the two trails and which one is more fun I would pick the Timpooneke Trail because of the pretty mountain valleys and the more gradual climb. However, the waterfalls in the Primrose Cirque as well as Emerald Lake are all very pretty and should not be missed.

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Trail Info: To get to the Aspen Grove Trailhead head towards the mouth of Provo canyon on the East Provo Canyon Road. Pass the Forest Service fee booth and the trailhead is well marked  almost immediately behind the fee booth on the left. There is quite a bit of parking but it can fill up quickly in the summer months so it is a good idea to get there early.


Aspen Grove Trailhead: 40.404624,-111.605065

Timpanogos Falls: 40.404449,-111.620294

Emerald Lake: 40.393259,-111.639998

Summit of Mount Timpanogos: 40.390816,-111.645935

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