Relax at the terrific White Pine Lake

Tom’s Experience hiking to White Pine Lake:

The trailhead for White Pine Lake is the same trailhead as Red Pine Lake and the trails share the same first mile or so.

Hike to White Pine Lake

The trail follows an old 4-wheel drive track that was used to get to different mining and water claims in the past. Now the trail is closed to all motorized vehicles. It is open to mountain bikes but the trail is very rocky in areas and would be difficult to mountain bike up.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Shortly after the trailhead, you will cross a bridge over Little Cottonwood Creek. After about a mile from the trailhead you will come to a signed area right next to a stream.

White Pine Lake Cottonwood Canyon Lake

The sign has directions for both White Pine Lake and Red Pine Lake. To get to White Pine Lake take a left and head away from the river. If you cross the river you are heading towards Red Pine Lake. Once you make this turn there are no other turn offs and you follow this trail to White Pine Lake.

White Pine Lake

The trail will pass through forests and meadows and cross a stream once or twice. There are a few muddy spots that are easy to avoid. Near the lake the trail climbs steeply over a little saddle in the White Pine Cirque that is very rocky before descending down the saddle to the lake.

Salt Lake Hiking Trails White Pine Lake

The trail is 10 miles long round trip with a 2,350 foot climb. Dogs are not allowed on this trail. Overall this is a nice hike that is very shaded and leads to a beautiful mountain lake.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The trailhead is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The trailhead is 5 1/2 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon from the Y-Junction near the mouth of the canyon near the park-n-ride. The trailhead is well marked but parking is limited and many cars needed to park on the canyon road. There is an outhouse at the trailhead. If you reach the Snowbird Ski Resort you have gone past the trailhead parking.


White Pine Lake Trailhead:    40.575475,-111.680751

White Pine Lake:    40.540107,-111.679265

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Take a short hike to the hidden Skunk Harbor

Tom’s Experience visiting Skunk Harbor:

Skunk Harbor is a secret beach that can only be reached by boat or by hiking 1.5 miles one-way.

Secret Beach Trailhead Skunk Harbor

The trail is pretty easy to get to the lake since it is all down hill along the remains of an old dirt road.

Hikes Lake Tahoe Skunk Harbor

Most of the trail is through the forest and can be shaded in the morning and later afternoon. The road will split near the trailhead with the left fork heading towards Prey Meadows, and the right fork heading down to Skunk Harbor.

Skunk Harbor Hikes to Beaches Lake Tahoe

There is an abandoned stone building near the beach that was built in the 1920s, by a rich San Franciscan family, who would use the beach as a summer retreat.

Skunk Harbor Secret Beach Lake Tahoe

The trail is only open from March until November and dogs are allowed and may be off leash. The parking is very limited and so are spots on the beach, so arrive early. This beach had clear water with a nice sandy shore. It was absolutely beautiful, so if you go, plan to stay a little while.

Skunk Harbor Beach

The trailhead is near the pull off for the famous Bonsai Rock photography area but I thought this was the prettier place.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: There is a turnoff along highway 28 about two miles north of the junction with highway 50. There is no trail sign or anything but there is an old green pipe gate that is the entrance to the trailhead. Parking is free but don’t park in front of the gate or you might get fined or towed.


Trailhead:   39.128955,-119.931527

Beach:   39.129143,-119.943535

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