Hike the simple, family friendly Ogden Overlook trail

Tom’s Experience hiking the Ogden Overlook Trail:

The Ogden Overlook Trail is a fairly easy hike leading to a great lookout over Ogden Canyon.

Snow Basin Hikes Ogden Overlook Trail

The trail is a little dusty but in great shape and easy to follow.

Ogden Overlook Trail

This is a very popular mountain biking trail; as a hiker, you should keep an eye out for people cruising down the track. The trail starts from the parking lot of the Snow Basin Ski Resort and climbs steadily upward until you reach the look out.

Hiking Ogden Overlook Trails

The path has plenty of signs so it is easy to follow. There are also quite a bit of trees, so shade is easy to come by. The trail will start out going downhill towards a meadow and then begin climbing switchbacks through the forest.

Hiking the Ogden Overlook Trail

There is one turnoff near the end that is marked by a sign that points the direction of the lookout. There is a bench at the lookout to sit and enjoy the view.

Sardine Canyon Ogden Overlook Trail

The total distance is about 5.75 miles with an elevation gain of 800 feet. Dogs are allowed on the Ogden Overlook Trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The trailhead starts at Parking 2 of the Snow Basin parking lot. There is a metal gate there that closes the dirt road off from all motorized traffic.


Snow Basin Parking 2/Ogden Overlook Trailhead:   41.218388,-111.862943

Ogden Overlook:    41.234034,-111.879708

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Discover the hidden Adams Cabin Trail

Tom’s Experience climbing to Adams Cabin:

Adams Cabin is a very steep hike up to an old stone cabin. It is similar to Malans Peak in Ogden, but might be even steeper. The trail starts at the same parking lot of Adams Canyon but instead of going up the canyon to the waterfall, you climb the ridge to the cabin.

Adams Cabin Layton Hikes

After the sandy switchbacks, the trail will start to go straight for a little bit. You should be able to look up the mountain and see the trail you will be following. It almost looks like a mud slide and it is terribly steep but start up and eventually it will form into a more narrow, normal trail.

Adams Canyon Adams Cabin

The trail goes to the left of the Adams Canyon trail and stays on the left ridge of the canyon. The trail is very steep; climbing 3,040 feet in the 2.7 miles (one-way) to the cabin. The trail also has many loose small rocks, making it slick and easy to fall on.

Adams Cabin Adams Canyon

The Adams Cabin trail is not very well covered by trees and can get very hot in the summer, make sure you bring sunscreen and plenty of water. There is one spring near the top, we heard it was fresh water and tried some since we had not brought enough water. We didn’t get sick despite drinking quite a lot of the water but be warned that we may just have been lucky, so bring a filter if you plan on drinking the water.

Adams Cabin Great Workout Hikes

Adams Cabin is a small hut that is filled with a few things like sleeping bags and stoves for those wanting to spend the night. Overall, it was a nice cabin but I would rather spend the night in a tent than in Adams cabin. It smelled a little funny and was still pretty dirty.

Adams Cabin

Dogs are allowed on this hike. While the hike to the waterfall is very crowded, we hardly saw anyone on the Adams Cabin trail after the split off. There is a log book in the cabin you can sign before you head back down.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From US 89 take a right on N. Eastside Drive. Follow Eastside Drive to the trailhead. The Adams Cabin trailhead has some parking but it usually fills up quite quickly forcing others to park on Eastside Dr.


Adams Cabin Trailhead:    41.066246,-111.909881

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