Easy hike to the family friendly Cascade Falls

Tom’s Experience hiking to Cascade Falls:

Cascade Falls is a short hike to a waterfall that is right next to the popular Inspiration Point and just down the road from the more popular Eagle Falls.

Hiking to Cascade Falls

The trailhead begins at a small parking lot at the end of the Bayview Campground. You will hike through a few trees that leads to some rocky cliffs. At the cliffs there are great views of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe in the distance.

Hiking to Cascade Falls

The main trail will head off to the right after the cliff section but Cascade Falls is straight ahead. There were a few cairns marking the way but we had to explore a bit in order to find Cascade Falls.

Cascade Falls Trail

The round trip mileage to Cascade Falls is about 2 miles and the hike climbs and drops a bit in elevation but it isn’t too bad. Cascade Falls is 200 feet high but since you are looking at it from the top down it isn’t as spectacular as it might be if you were looking at it from the bottom.

Cascade Falls Hike

If you have some spare time, you can follow the stream up the mountain a bit as it falls down over the granite rocks. I thought that was just as cool as Cascade Falls. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Cascade Falls Tahoe

The water is flowing more heavily in the spring and early summer but slows down in the fall. Parking is very limited and can fill up quickly so you may want to arrive early or on a less popular weekday.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Getting to the Bayview campground is pretty easy. Take highway 89 north from South Lake Tahoe about 8 miles until you reach the campground which is directly across from Inspiration Point. A few parking spots and the trailhead are located at the far end of the campground.


Bayview Trailhead:   38.943684,-120.099855

Cascade Falls:     38.934844,-120.101168

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Get inspired at Lake Tahoe’s Inspiration Point

Tom’s Experience visiting Inspiration Point:

Inspiration Point is a lookout above Emerald Bay State Park. It is about 600 feet above the water of Lake Tahoe as you are looking down into the bay.

Inspiration Point Lookout

There are restrooms in the parking lot and signs that provide information about the history of inspiration point.

Inspiration Point Viewpoint

You also have great views of Vikingsholm Castle from above.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: To get to Inspiration Point head along highway 89 as if you were heading to the Emerald Bay Parking Lot. There will be a turnoff on the north side of the road that is well marked. Parking is very limited for Inspiration Point so be sure to get there early or you can try to find a space across the street in the campground.


Inspiration Point:     38.94646,-120.098526

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