Climb the highest peak in the Cache County Naomi Peak

Tom’s Experience climbing Naomi Peak:

Naomi peak is the highest summit in the Bear River mountain range and the county high point for Cache County. The summit is 9,828 feet, with an impressive prominence of 3,159 feet.

Trail to White Pine Lake

In the autumn, many hunters are in the area so be sure to wear bright colors if you plan on hiking in this area.

County High Point Hikes

The easiest way to the summit is by starting at Tony Grove Lake. There is a small fee to park your car here. The trail is pretty straight forward with all major intersections marked by signs.

Highest Point in Cache County

At about .3 miles there will be an intersection with the right fork heading towards White Pine Lake and the left fork heading towards the summit.

Naomi Peak Logan

You will pass through numerous trees as well as steep cliff faces but the trail is well worn and easy to follow and fairly gradual for a mountain hike. The total distance is about 7 miles roundtrip.

Descending the Mountain

Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Logan, Utah, head east up Logan Canyon past USU. The turnoff for Tony Grove is signed and is about 19 miles from the mouth of the canyon. Drive 7 miles along that road until the road dead-ends at the trailhead parking. There is also a campground right before the trailhead parking. There is a lake and an outhouse in the parking area.


Tony Grove Trailhead:     41.895046,-111.642439

Mount Naomi Summit:    41.911321,-111.675236

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Travel back in time at the Fruita Schoolhouse

Tom’s Experience visiting the Fruita Schoolhouse:

The Fruita Schoolhouse is a popular stop in Capitol Reef National Park near the Fruita Petroglyphs. It is just off the highway 24. It was built in 1896 but has been refurbished over the years.

Fruita Schoolhouse Roadside

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There is a small recorded message you can play as you look through the windows into the old school. Dogs are allowed at the schoolhouse on leash.

Tom’s Rating:

Fruita Schoolhouse Location: The school is just off of highway 24 about a mile past the Capitol Reef Visitor Center.


Fruita Schoolhouse:     38.288033,-111.248267

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