Let your imagination run on the Arch Trail

Tom’s Experience hiking Arch Trail to Babylon Arch:

Arch trail was a pleasant and short hike located in the Red Cliffs Recreation Area just outside of St. George, Utah.

Hiking Arch Trail


The Arch Trail starts in a very cool primitive campground with interesting rock formations and a large sand dune you can run down if you are in the mood. It then weaves its way through a maze of rock formations as it makes its way towards the Virgin River.

Arch Trail

The trail is sandy through most parts and involves a little hiking along the sand stone rocks. Near the end you will come to a fork that is above a steep sandy hill, the left fork leads to the Virgin River and the right fork leads to Babylon Arch.

St. George Arch Trail

The trail to the Virgin River is more pronounced so if you just want to go to the arch you may need to stop and look around. There are signs just below the arch pointing it out.

Babylon Arch Trail

Babylon Arch is a wonderful little arch which was really a lot of fun to play in. It is just above the ground and almost makes a cave around you as you walk through it.

Arch Trail Arch

The total distance along the Arch Trail is about 1.5 miles round trip but the sand seems to slow you down a bit, and the last part, just before the Babylon arch, is very steep and difficult. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Arch Trail Info: Getting to the primitive campground requires pretty good four wheel drive. You cross through a drainage so if it has rained recently, or will rain, you are probably better off trying a different hike. From St. George drive north on I-15 for about 14 miles to exit 22. Take Main Street through downtown Leeds for 2.2 miles to 900 North, there is also a sign for the Red Cliffs Recreation Area. Turn right and follow that 900 North about 3.9 miles to the signed Sand Cove Trailhead. You can park here if you’d like or you can continue on to the primitive campground to save some mileage. To get to the primitive campground, stay left of the Sand Cove parking and take your first right. Follow that road until you reach the primitive camping area. The trail from here is on the southeast side of the camping area and has a sign.


Primitive Camping Area:     37.206504,-113.329918

Babylon Arch:    37.201971,-113.336474

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Travel back in time at the Parrish Creek Pictographs

Tom’s Experience hiking to the Parrish Creek Pictographs:

The Parrish Creek Pictographs are located just outside of Centerville, above the Bonneville Shoreline trail. We went in the fall when the leaves were changing and it was a beautiful area.

Utah Pictographs Farmington

You start from the top of Parrish Lane in Centerville and hike up the mountain for about 500 yards. At this point you will meet up with a large trail running north and south. Take the trail that goes north and it will start to lead to Parrish Creek.

Red Bridge

Cross the red bridge and then immediately turn right to follow the stream up the mountain. You will pass a small waterfall and a few steep sections through numerous trees.

Utah Pictographs

You do not need to cross the stream. Right below the pictographs is a rock that you have to climb up but it isn’t too difficult.

Hiking to the Parrish Creek Pictographs

There is a sign warning you about the consequences of defacing the pictographs. The trail was a little overgrown in spots after the bridge but never hard to follow.

Hiking in Centerville

Return the way you came. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: In Centerville, Utah, go all the way up 400 N towards the mountain. The road will curve to the right with a small dirt road heading to the left. Take the dirt road and follow it to the top and there will be a large parking area. The trailhead is on the north end of the parking area.


Parrish Creek Trailhead:     40.922538,-111.866284

Parrish Creek Pictographs:     40.924279,-111.861125

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