Check out the beautiful hidden Elephant Arch

Tom’s experience hiking to Elephant Arch:

Elephant Arch is a neat arch, found in the desert outside of St. George. Getting to the trailhead requires driving along a dirt road but it really isn’t that bad as long as the road is dry.
Elephant Arch Trailhead

The trail is through the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve and is about 3.8 miles round trip. The first part of the trail follows a dirt road and is fairly level.

St George Elephant Arch

You will drop down into a wash and the wash is very sandy and difficult to walk through. Near the end you will exit the wash to the right and follow a trail up to Elephant Arch.

Elephant Arch Hike

When you first reach the arch it really doesn’t look like anything too special but if you hike up and around to the backside of the arch it really does look like an elephant and it is pretty cool. Dogs and horses are allowed on this trail.

Elephant Arch St George

If you go in the late spring, summer or early fall you will want to get an early start because this trail can get very hot. There is no water along the trail.

Hiking to Elephant Arch

The trail is pretty well marked along the way.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From St. George, head north on I 15 for about 9 miles and take exit 10 to Washington. Turn left onto Green Springs Drive and head under I 15 and then take a right onto Buena Vista Road. After a fire station, turn left onto Main Street. This road will eventually turn into a dirt road. Follow that dirt road straight until you reach a fence and cannot go further. This is the parking area. The trail starts on the other side of the fence.


Elephant Arch Trailhead: 37.161655,-113.512913

Elephant Arch: 37.177348, -113.494111

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Enjoy a relaxing day at the cool Toquerville Falls

Tom’s experience enjoying the Toquerville Falls:

Toquerville Falls is a beautiful waterfall outside of St. George, Utah. The falls really are an oasis in the desert.
Toquerville Falls Southern Utah

They can be a bit of a challenge to get to without a good four wheel drive vehicle. The road to the falls is dirt and very rocky.

Toquerville Falls St. George

We rarely have problems on dirt roads but this road gave us a run for our money. We saw plenty of trucks with a higher clearance than us and they all seemed to make it fine.

Finding Toquerville Falls

Also there were a few ATVs that also didn’t seem to have a problem. There are a few camping spots by the falls if you are interested in spending the night.

Toquerville Falls Utah

Otherwise you can swim and play near the waterfall as long as you’d like. Dogs are allowed here.


Playing in the fallsWhen we went there was no easy way to get to the lower falls swimming area without rappeling equipment.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Take exit 27 off of I15 and drive 2.6 miles southeast to Toquerville. Just as you enter the town turn left onto Spring Drive. Spring Drive will start off paved but will turn to dirt and then will become very rocky. Follow Spring Drive for 3.6 miles and the road will fork. Take the right fork and continue for about 2 miles. Here you will turn to the right and head down to the falls. You can drive over the falls if your vehicle can make it.


Toquerville Falls: 37.298763,-113.246883

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