Explore the family friendly Lisa Falls

Tom’s experience hiking to Lisa Falls:

Lisa Falls is a multitiered waterfall up Little Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City. Lisa Falls Hike

The trail up to the waterfall is very short, about .11 miles from the parking area. However, the trail to the falls is pretty steep.

Salt Lake City Lisa Falls

You must cross the stream to get to the waterfall so either wear shoes that can get wet or be prepared to jump across rocks.

Hike Lisa Falls

It really wasn’t too hard to keep your feet dry on this hike. The waterfall is pretty neat and has at least two tiers.

Lisa Falls Waterfall

The river itself is also very pretty as it flows along the granite rocks. You can climb up to the top of Lisa Falls if you climb up the left hand side as you are looking at the waterfall.

Lisa Falls Salt Lake City

It isn’t too difficult but it is dangerous. Dogs are not allowed up Little Cottonwood Canyon or on this hike.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The Lisa Falls trailhead isn’t marked but isn’t too difficult to find. At the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon you will drive up canyon for 2.7 miles. There will be a small parking lot on the right side of the road and another small parking lot on the left hand side of the road. The trail starts on the left hand side so if you can park there thats awesome. The trail is pretty easy to see. When we went it was pretty crowded and easy to find.


Parking Lot: 40.572686,-111.726503

Lisa Falls:  40.572724,-111.727681

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Cliff Jump and Swim at the Secret Venus Pool

Tom’s experience cliff jumping into the Venus Pool:

The Venus Pool, also known as Wiakoa Pond,  is a beautiful area along the coast on East Maui.
Venus Pool Hana

You must park along the road and then head over the fence and through the grass field. The trail will lead down to the pool. This is a great spot to swim or cliff jump.

Venus Pool Maui

The pool is very deep and is filled by the ocean during high tide but can become separated from the ocean during low tide.

Maui Venus Pool

This has become quite the popular spot but Hawaiian lore says that in ancient times only royalty were allowed to visit this beautiful spot.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The parking for the Venus Pool is just along the road on the Hana Highway at mile marker 48.


Venus Pool: 20.704282,-155.994964

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