Discover the remarkable waterfall up Adams Canyon

Tom’s Experience hiking Adams Canyon:

Adams Canyon, sometimes refereed to as Holmes Creek, is one of the most popular hiking trails in Layton, Utah. It is the same trailhead as the less popular but steeper Adams Cabin trail and Adams Canyon Lower Falls.

Hiking to Waterfall in Layton

This 3.8 round-trip hike leads to a 40-foot waterfall and small swimming hole after a 1,420 foot elevation gain. This trails popularity can lead it to being very crowded, however due to the difficulty of the trail not everyone who starts makes it to the waterfall.

Adams Canyon Layton Hiking Trails

There is really only one main trail in the area once you pass the Bonneville Shoreline trail, so finding your way to the waterfall isn’t too difficult. The hike is split up into about three sections. The first section is the climb from the trailhead up sandy switchbacks to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Layton Hikes Adams Canyon

The second is from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to the river crossing through a forest. The river crossing is easy to cross without getting wet and there is a bridge there to help you cross. We also saw a father and son panning for gold in the river on one of our hikes in Adams Canyon. They didn’t sound too successful but I’m sure if they found gold they would keep it a secret.

Bridge on Adams Canyon

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The last section is from the river crossing to the waterfall. The trail here can get a little rocky and steep. Unfortunately, this is the point of the trail that many people turn around thinking they can’t make it. In the summer, this trail can get hot but the river and the trees do a pretty good job of keeping it cool after the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Be sure to bring a lot of water so you are prepared for the heat because the waterfall is worth it.

Adams Canyon Waterfall

Dogs are allowed and many were off leash. There were also a few primitive camping spots along the trail and we saw many kids who had spent the night.

Tom’s Rating:

Adams Canyon Directions: From US 89 take a right on N. Eastside Drive. Follow Eastside Drive to the trailhead. The trailhead has some parking but it usually fills up quite quickly forcing others to park on Eastside Dr.


Adams Canyon Trailhead:    41.066246,-111.909881

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