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Welcome! I’m Thomas, and this is Travel Tom’s, an outdoor adventure travel blog dedicated to sharing excitement…one adventure at a time.

Life is about creating experiences and sharing those experiences with the people you love most. In order to create experiences, you have to actually do something; and the best way to do that, is by exploring the world around you. Exploring not only allows you to see different places, but also helps you to see yourself and life differently.

About Travel Tom's, Backpacking

I started Travel Tom’s Outdoor Adventure Blog as a way to offer stories, photos and travel planning suggestions for awesome outdoor adventures. All of my stories are based on my experiences exploring, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. This is really a family outdoor adventures blog since I have gone on most of these adventures with my beautiful wife, our son, and our Norwegian Elkhound, Freya.

About Travel Tom's Canyoneering

If you are wondering where to begin; click on the “adventure map” tab, in the menu above, which will lead you to a map of all my adventures to help you locate and plan your own adventure. If it is easier, click on the “trail guides” tab and find adventures by location.

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About Travel Toms Hiking

I am a full-time accountant for a local public accounting firm, as well as an outdoor photographer, modern-day explorer, writer and self proclaimed adventurer. My parents, from a very early age instilled in me a love for outdoor adventures, by taking us hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, mountain climbing and downhill skiing.

I have spent most of my life along the Wasatch Front of Northern Utah, so most of my experiences will center around our home.

About Travel Tom's Climbing

When I’m not traveling, I am playing soccer, pickleball or working. My wife was a kindergarten teacher and enjoys making crafts.

Travel Tom’s is supported by brands that enjoy adventures, I appreciate their support.

Read about some of my favorite adventures below

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