Corona Arch

Visit the unique Corona Arch:

This adventure is a 3 mile round trip, there-and-back trail. The trail leads to both Corona Arch as well as Bowtie Arch, just outside of Moab, Utah. The first part of the trail is on some steep, narrow switchbacks that don’t last very long, leading up to some railroad tracks that have been cut through the sandstone rock, which was incredible.

Train Tracks Corona Arch

There are usually many people to follow, but the trail is easy to find and well marked. When it passes over rocks, there are cairns to guide you.

Moab Hikes Corona Arch

There are two parts with chains but neither were too difficult. The second chain area is up a steep rock with foot holds carved out to place your feet. There is also one very short ladder that helps you up a 5 foot cliff. I think this was a family-friendly trail, as long as children were being supervised on the chain and ladder sections.

Hiking in Moab

Bowtie Arch is to the left of the trail.

Bowtie Arch

We went in the middle of the day and the trail was very crowded. There is no water on the trail so be sure to bring your own. Also, there is no tree cover so shade is hard to come by. If you are searching for a bigger adventure, you can climb up and rappel off of Corona Arch–deaths have been known to occur, so be safe.

Corona Arch

Corona Arch is approximately 140 feet wide and 105 feet tall. Dogs are allowed on this trail but might have a difficult time when it comes to climbing up the ladder.

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Trail-head Location: Off of Scenic Byway 279, 10 miles west of the 279/191 junction. The parking lot is on the east side of the road and is marked by a sign. If the parking lot is full, there is a larger parking lot a little further on the west side of the road. Dogs are allowed on this trail.


Corona Arch Trailhead = 38.57446,-109.6324

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