Explore the easy Curtis Bench Trail of Goblin Valley

Tom’s Experience hiking the Curtis Bench Trail:

The Curtis Bench Trail is located in Goblin Valley State Park.

Curtis Bench Trail

The hike is about 2.1 miles if you go out to the lookout and back. If you would prefer, you can go out to the lookout and then make your way into the Valley of Goblins and then make your way back from there.

Hiking the Curtis Bench Trail

It can also be made into a loop hike with the Entrada Canyon Trail. Taking the Entrada Canyon Trail from the Valley of Goblins parking lot, hooking up the the Curtis Bench Trail and then exiting the Curtis Bench Trail into the Valley of Goblins.

Goblin Valley Trails Curtis Bench Trail

The Curtis Bench Trail sits above the Valley of Goblins and offers great views of the valley from above.

Curtis Bench Trail in Goblin Valley

It also offers great views of the surrounding cliffs and the La Sal and Henry Mountain Ranges.

Goblin Valley from Curtis Bench Trail

Dogs are allowed in Goblin Valley but must remain on leash.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Goblin Valley is located south of I-70 about 25 miles on Highway 24 and is about 25 miles north of Hanksville, the closest city. There are many signs that point the way and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. There is a $10 a day entrance fee to enter the park. There are some campsites and yurts available for a fee but in order to get one you need to make a reservation months in advance during the peak seasons. There are outhouses at the main parking area, observation point. Also maps are handed out at the fee booth showing directions for all hikes and camp spots.


Curtis Bench Trailhead:     38.569506,-110.711739

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