Relaxing at the rewarding Diamond Fork Hot Springs (AKA Fifth Water)

Tom’s experience soaking at the Diamond Fork Hot Springs:

Diamond Fork Hot Springs is a fun hike to some natural hot springs. The hot springs are also known as the Fifth Water Hot Springs.
Diamond Hot Springs Provo

The trail to get to the springs is 2.5 miles each way and there is a fun little waterfall near the springs with a cave that leads to a hole to look out of the waterfall.

Diamond Hot Springs Hike

The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. From the trailhead there is a bridge on the right of the trail, don’t take that trail. Instead follow the trail along the left of the river as it follows the river up canyon.

Hiking Diamond Hot Springs

The trail can be steep in a few parts but it was well shaded a lot of the way. At about the halfway point you will cross a bridge heading up canyon.

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Once you get to the springs and waterfall it can get crowded during the popular spring and fall months.

Diamond Hot Springs Hiking

There are multiple pools you can soak in with temperatures up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs are allowed on this trail and there were lots of mountain bikers.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: To get to the trailhead, drive east on highway 6 to milemarket 184.1. There will be a sign that points towards Diamond Fork Campground. The road is paved and pretty easy to follow. From the turnoff of highway 6 follow the road 10 miles to the parking lot which will be on the right. There is a toilette at the trailhead. Parking is very limited so come early or be prepared to hike a little along the road.


Diamond Fork Hot Springs Trailhead:  40.084425,-111.354847

Diamond Fork Hot Springs:   40.082996,-111.318613

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