Check out the ancient artwork Fruita Petroglyphs

Tom’s Experience visiting the Fruita Petroglyphs:

The Fruita Petroglyphs are some very interesting petroglyphs just off of highway 24 in Capitol Reef National Park near the Fruita Schoolhouse. There is a small wooden bridge that leads you from the parking lot to the base of the steep red cliffs which contain numerous petroglyphs.

Fruita Petroglyphs Roadside

The trapezoid humans are very interesting and there are numerous other petroglyphs. There is also a bridge walk that you can take which takes you along the red cliffs with numerous unmarked petroglyphs. Dogs are allowed at the stop on leash.

Tom’s Rating:

Fruita Petroglyphs Location: The petroglyphs is just off of highway 24 about a mile past the Capitol Reef Visitor Center just after the Fruita Schoolhouse.


Fruita Petroglyphs:     38.288103,-111.242301

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