Hike the short trail to Funnel or Cable Arch

Tom’s Experience exploring Cable Arch:

Cable Arch was a fun little trip just outside of Moab, Utah. I thought the arch was just as cool as the much more popular, Corona Arch, but there was no one there, so we could enjoy Cable Arch all to ourselves.

Start of the Hike to Funnel ArchThe arch is known as both Cable Arch and Funnel Arch, but there is only a single arch there. Getting to the arch is much more difficult than Corona since there really isn’t a trail.

Scrambling to Funnel ArchNear the beginning of the trail you climb a sandstone wash that requires one easy rock climbing move. Adults should watch your children but it really isn’t too difficult.

Dogs are also allowed here but we had to leave ours at the bottom of the wash. I probably could have gotten her up the wash but I was nervous we wouldn’t be able to get her down because she puts up quite the fight going down anything scary.

Funnel Arch from the side.Once you get to Cable Arch, there is a cable attached to the fin just north of the arch that you can use to get into the “behind the rocks” area. Total trip is maybe a mile.

Funnel Arch

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: To get to the small turnoff to park for Cable Arch is relatively easy. Follow Kane Creek Blvd outside of Moab. It will follow the river and eventually become a dirt (gravel) road. The road is easy and does not require 4 wheel drive so long as there isn’t snow on the road. The pull off for the trail is on the left, just before you hit some very narrow and paved switch backs down the canyon. There is a “no camping” sign in the pull off. From here, follow the cairns and footprints up a wash to another wash and continue up that wash. The arch is behind a few hills that you have to walk around but isn’t too hard to find.



Trailhead = 38.520051,-109.600524

Cable Arch = 38.522046,-109.598486

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4 Replies to “Hike the short trail to Funnel or Cable Arch”

  1. Zach

    I was here Labor Day 2016 and the steel cable has been removed.

    There are three fresh bolts on top where the cable used to be attached, as well as the rappel point on top of the arch itselfx which is in great shape.

    Getting to the top of the arch is still possible if you don’t mind free-climbing the ramp where the cable was and fixing a rope for anyone behind you.


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