Hike to the popular Hickman Bridge

Tom’s Experience hiking to Hickman Bridge:

The hike to Hickman Bridge is short and very popular. The arch is in a majestic area where we noticed several people sitting and enjoying it’s serenity.


The trailhead is called the Hickman Bridge Trailhead and is the same trailhead as the Cohab Canyon Trail.

Capitol Reef Trails Hickman Bridge

The hike gains a little bit of elevation and the trail has a short loop near the end that allows you to hike under the arch. Although the trail is short, it is still somewhat steep and we saw many people turn around before making it to the arch so be prepared for the climb.

Capitol Reef Hiking Hickman Bridge

The span of the arch is about 133 feet. It is the same trailhead as the further Rim Overlook and Navajo Domes  hikes.

Hiking in Capitol Reef Hickman Bridge

The natural bridge was named after Joseph Hickman, who was an early advocate for protecting Capitol Reef and turning it into a state park, long before it became a national park.

Hickman Bridge

The trail is very well marked and passes different small natural arches as you hike to Hickman Arch. Dogs are not allowed on trails in Capitol Reef National Park that are not paved. There is no park fee to hike this trail. The total hike is about 2 miles.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The trailhead is signed and just off of highway 24 in Capitol Reef National Park. It is about 2 miles east of the visitor center and there are outhouses at the trailhead as well as a trail guide you can purchase for $0.50. During busy season it can be very difficult to find a parking spot.


Hickman Bridge Trailhead:     38.288775,-111.227474

Hickman Bridge:    38.2915,-111.234369

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