Discover the family friendly Hidden Falls

Tom’s Experience hiking to Hidden Falls:

Hidden Falls is a very short hike to a waterfall in Big Cottonwood Canyon just outside of Salt Lake City.

Hidden Falls Salt Lake City

The hike is about .3 miles round-trip and is easy for hikers of all ages except while crossing the stream, which is somewhat difficult. The trail towards Mill B takes off up some stairs. Instead of following those stairs, cross the stream and you should easily see Hidden Falls.

Hidden Falls Crossing

There is an abandoned mine right next to the waterfall with warning signs not to enter.

Big Cottonwood Canyon Abandoned Mine

There are also many rock climbs in the area so you will often see people climbing.

Hidden Falls Waterfall

No domestic animals are allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon since it is a watershed for Salt Lake.

Hidden Falls Big Cottonwood Canyon

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Salt Lake, drive about 4.5 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The road will start to make an S-turn, then park in the northern parking lot. Follow the trail up and be careful crossing the road. A trail follows some stairs up to the right, instead of taking the stairs stay down low and cross the stream. Hidden Falls will be easy to see.


Trailhead = 40.634595,-111.724064

Hidden Falls = 40.63521,-111.723232

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