Enjoy this challenging workout hike up Hidden Valley Ogden

Tom’s Experience climbing up Hidden Valley in Ogden:

This hike is pretty steep and a great workout just outside of Ogden, Utah. The hike is only 4.4 miles round trip but you climb 2100 feet before reaching the summit below Mt. Ogden. This trail is similar to the popular Malans Peak trail.

Hidden Valley 22nd Street Trailhead

The trail begins at the top of 22nd street and follows the Indian Trail for about 3/4 of a mile.

Hidden Valley Workout Hike

There is no sign for the turn off, if you are looking for the turn off it is easy to see but if you are not it is easy to miss. The trails goes a sharp right off the Indian Trail; it almost looks like rock stairs heading straight up. Take that trail and you will start heading south away from Ogden Canyon. This is the where the trail gets really steep and continues up until the very end.

Hidden Valley Overlooking Ogden

You hike through a number of forests made up of both oak trees and evergreens. Autumn would be a great time to take this trail because I would imagine the trees to be quite beautiful. Near the end there are also a few nice primitive campsites that would be fun to spend the night. It would just be a very steep haul to carry all of your camping gear if you wanted to do that.

Ogden Hikes

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At the summit there is a large cairn overlooking the city of Ogden. I enjoyed this trail more than I thought I would. It makes a great workout,  and you may be out of breath the entire way, but when you finally climb the last hill, the views of Mt. Ogden make it totally worth it.

Hiking Hidden Valley

Dogs are allowed but should be kept on leash.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: In Ogden, follow 22nd street east until it comes to a parking lot for the trailhead. There are well labeled signs for the Indian Trail just make sure you don’t miss the turnoff for the trail.


22nd Street Trailhead:    41.226461,-111.930863

Turnoff to Hidden Valley:    41.232403,-111.922381

Hidden Valley Summit:    41.219942,-111.912875

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