Hike to the beautiful Ice Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness

Tom’s experience Backpacking to Ice Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness:

Ice Lake is a beautiful mountain lake surrounded by peaks in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains. The Trailhead is at the Wallowa Lake Trailhead the same as Glacier LakeIce Lake Joseph Oregon

The lake sits at about 8000 ft above sea level and getting to it can be a little difficult due to the steep trail.

Eagle Cap Wilderness

Permits to the back country are free at the Wallowa Lake trail head near Joseph, Oregon.

Ice Lake Wallowas

The trail will follow West Fork of the Wallowa River as you climb up into the mountains. When we went there were plenty of signs and the trail was easy to follow.

Ice Lake Trail

You will eventually cross the West Fork of the Wallowa River across a bridge and start to follow Adam Creek up to Ice Lake.

Ice Lake Hike

This is where the trail really gets steep and there are numerous switchbacks. There are also a few waterfalls you can see as you hike up towards Ice Lake.

Ice Lake Oregon

Once you get to the lake there are a ton of camping spots along the south side of the Lake. Also from here you can head up towards Matterhorn Peak (9,826 ft) and Sacajawea Peak (9,838 ft).

Ice Lake Backpack

Sacajawea is the highest peak in the Wallowa Mountains with the Matterhorn being the second highest. Getting to the Matterhorn is fairly straight forward although very steep.

Matterhorn Peak

Sacajawea is a little more difficult and you must hike along very loose rock or climb over fairly easy but exposed towers.

Sacajawea Peak Eagle Cap Wilderness

The distance from the trail head to Ice Lake is about 8 miles so it can be done as a day hike or a nice backpack.

Sacajawea Peak

From the lake the mountains aren’t too far distance wise but they are very steep. Dogs are allowed in the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The trail head starts just south of Wallowa State Park. Parking is free and there are outhouses and picnic tables right near the parking. The Parking can fill up on popular weekends. Permits for the trail are at the trail head.


Wallowa Lake Trail head: 45.267683,-117.212749

Ice Lake: 45.229871,-117.272358

Matterhorn Peak: 45.228212, -117.298131

Sacajawea Peak: 45.24487,-117.292377

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