Discover the hidden Indian Bathtubs waterfalls

Tom’s experience hiking to the Indian Bathtubs:

The Indian Bathtub trail is a beautiful short hike in the mountains above Farmington, Utah. The trail is short at about a mile round trip but the hike up to the bathtubs is very steep.
Indian Bathtubs Woods Cross

The trail follows the Davis Creek up the mountain to a large waterfall. The trail is easy to follow and covered in shade, and there are a couple of rope areas that can be fun for children as well as adult kids.

Indian Bathtubs Waterfall

As you drive up Little Valley Road you will see a retention pond with a trail sign on the right. Park here and hike about 30 yards up the road until you see a small turnoff. There is a sign that says Davis Creek in the trees as the trail starts to climb steeply uphill. This is the trailhead. The rest of the trail is well marked with trail signs.

Trail to Indian Bathtubs

When you near the top there is a nice bench you can sit on to watch the waterfall. Continue on and you will reach a sign that points to the Indian Bathtubs. From here there is one steep section that was muddy when we did it but it had a rope tied among roots to help climb up. This leads right to the waterfall.

Hiking to Indian Bathtubs

Along the right side of the waterfall you can climb along the cliffs by holding onto the chains and rope that has been placed there. You can also get to the bottom of the waterfall but this requires a little climbing and I had to get pretty muddy.

Indian Bathtubs

In Spring the water is running pretty quickly so it wasn’t a great area to swim but in the fall when the water slows down that might change. When you have had enough you can turn around and head to your car or you can continue up canyon on another one of the numerous trails. Dogs are allowed but clean up after them.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: To get to the trailhead, drive to Little Valley Road in Farmington. You should be able to plug it right into a GPS and be lead right there.


Indian Bathtubs Trailhead: 40.965993,-111.872877

Indian Bathtubs Waterfalls: 40.966046,-111.867278

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