Hike along the local family friendly Indian Trail

Tom’s Experience hiking the Indian Trail:

This is a fun trail just outside of Ogden, Utah that was used by the Shoshone Indians to avoid the high waters at the mouth of Ogden Canyon. The trail would take them up and around the mouth of Ogden Canyon, then drop them down in the middle of the canyon.

22nd Street Trailhead Ogden Utah

The hike starts off pretty steep regardless of which trailhead you begin at. Eventually, it will level off and most of the hike is through trees to help keep the temperatures down in the summer.

Utah Trails

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There are great views of Ogden as well as interesting geology along the trail. There is also a small hut at the Nevada Viewpoint with a sign that points out distant mountains as far as Nevada.

Indian Trail Hut

There are many primitive campsites near the cold water canyon trailhead. We saw one person relaxing in a hammock that looked like a lot of fun. The Indian Trail also passes the fork for the Hidden Valley hike, which can be a very good workout.

Hiking Ogden's Indian Trail

Dogs are allowed on this trail. You can hike it there and back or arrange a shuttle to pick you up at one trailhead or the other.

Indian Trail Ogden

It is less than a 10 minutes drive from one trailhead to the other. It is a 4.3 mile hike from trailhead to trailhead with a two-car shuttle, otherwise you can hike to one side and back which would make a 8.6 mile hike.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: For the 22nd street trailhead, follow 22nd street east until it comes to a parking lot at the trailhead. The other trailhead is called the Cold Water Canyon Trailhead and is located in Ogden Canyon about 1.5 miles from Rainbow Gardens at the mouth of the canyon. There is a Smokey the Bear sign right near the trailhead.  There are well labeled signs for the Indian Trail and it isn’t difficult to follow, but the trail does branch off occasionally for view points or camp sites so be careful not to get lost.


22nd Street Trailhead:    41.226461,-111.930863

Cold Water Canyon Trailhead:     41.240101,-111.904021

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  1. Carole C. King, grandma

    I LOVE your photos!!!
    Have a fun week-end. We’ll miss you at our graduation celebration dinner this afternoon.
    Much love, Grandma Carole


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