Travel through time at the ancient Ivins Petroglyphs

Tom’s Experience hiking to the Ivins Petroglyphs:

The trail to the Ivins Petroglyphs was a pretty easy and interesting short hike. The trail was a little difficult to follow as it was just a series of old dirt roads that you take to get to the Ivins Petroglyphs, but there were a couple of signs if you were looking for them.

Ivins Petroglyphs

There are three different trailheads that you can follow–all leading to the Ivins petroglyphs. We took the Tava’atsi trail which is the shortest trail leading to the petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs in Ivins Utah

It was a little difficult to find but fortunately there was a car parked at the trailhead or we might have missed it.

Ivins Petroglyphs St. George

There are a few parts where you can climb down and stand right next to the petroglyphs. There are numerous drawings of sheep, people and various shapes.

St. George Ivins Petroglyphs

While we were there, someone told us that if you look at one boulder at sunrise, on the summer solstice, the light hits the boulder just right and it appears that fire is coming out of the hands of the people on the rock. I have no idea if that is true or not but it was a neat story.

Tava’atsi trail, Ivins Petroglyphs

These petroglyphs are just some of many of the St. George Petroglyphs. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: To get to the Tava’atsi trailhead from St. George, travel north on Bluff Street. Turn left on Sunset Blvd. Continue on Sunset Blvd as it turns into Santa Clara Drive. Continue approximately 1.7 miles past the Jacob Hamblin Home on W. Old Hwy 91 and turn left onto an unmarked paved road. (You will pass the Biggest Loser Resort and an auto repair shop on your left. After the auto repair shop, make the next left turn.) The paved road turns to dirt, bear right at the fork in the road. Follow the dirt road to a barbed wire fence and trail marker for the Tava’atsi Trailhead. It is .5 miles to the petroglyphs and then you can hike along the ridge as far as you’d like looking for different petroglyphs.


Tava’atsi Trailhead = 37.156939,-113.697563

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  1. Larry

    Ivins petroglyphs, there’s more petroglyphs about 2 miles from Ivins trailhead or and mile from the first site. Located on the cliff rocks next to the gate. Also I think the trail following the valley is better then it seems. I’ve hiked the whole trail.


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