Hike the quick and easy Johnson Canyon Trail

Tom’s Experience hiking along the Johnson Canyon Trail: 

Johnson Canyon Trail is located in Snow Canyon near St. George, Utah. This is a short family-friendly hike through beautiful red sand stone, dark black lava rocks and a wide variety of vegetation.

Johnson Canyon

This is closed annually from March 15th until October 31st unless you are accompanied by a Snow Canyon ranger. There are bathrooms and garbage cans located in the parking lot.

Johnson Canyon Arch

Johnson Canyon has the only flowing water in Snow Canyon. It is the main reason you pass so many varieties of desert vegetation.

Hiking in St. George Johnson Canyon

The trail is about 2 miles round-trip and gains almost no elevation. Near the end of the trail you’ll find Johnson Canyon Arch with a 200 foot span. The arch is high above the canyon floor so if you are not looking for it, you just might miss it. Just a little further up and the canyon dead ends, it is believed that early settlers used this canyon for their herds of cattle since they only had to watch them to escape from the entrance of the canyon.

Sandstone Rock Formations Johnson Canyon

The parking lot for Johnson Canyon is also the same parking lot for the Scout Cave Trail and they share the first part of the trail together.

Snow Canyon Hikes

Dogs are not allowed on dirt trails in Snow Canyon but may start this trail and wait for their owners when the trail enters into Snow Canyon. Dogs are allowed on the Scout Cave Trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Head towards the south entrance gate of Snow Canyon near St. George and the parking lot is on the west side of the road and will be marked with a sign. Trail is about 2 miles with almost no elevation change. You do not have to pay the Snow Canyon entrance fee to hike on this trail since it begins outside of the state park.

GPS Coordinates:

Johnson Canyon Trailhead:      37.178159, -113.645362

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