Enjoy the views at Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Park

Tom’s experience hiking at the Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Park:

The Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Park is a well maintained park with trails running through it. The trails weave back and forth and you cover very little distance on this hike.

Hiking East Mountain Wilderness Park


However, the oak trees provide great shade and even though you are just outside of the city, you rarely see buildings.

Kaysville Hike East Mountain Wilderness Park

There is a shooting range right next to this park but the shooting range is closed some days to make for a more peaceful hiking or biking experience. This trail is more popular with bikers than hikers and we hiked past a number of bikers.

East Mountain Wilderness Park

The trails for biking looked really fun with a few ramps set up for excitement. The trails go wild in the park but there are signs that point you along the main loop. You can follow that path or create your own. The main loop is about 1.7 miles roundtrip if no detours are taken.

East Mountain Wilderness Park Hike

Also since there are so many different trails it could be easy to get lost. However the mountains and the city give you a general sense of where you are. There are a few primitive camp spots and a few benches along the trail.

East Mountain Wilderness Park Kaysville

The trail begins on the north side of the parking lot after you walk by the large sign. Dogs are allowed on this trail. There are toilets at the trailhead.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The trailhead is located at 1588 East 650 North in Kaysville, Utah. To get there head along Highway 89 until you reach North Mountain Road. Continue north on North Mountain Road and it will change to 650 North. The trailhead is at a dead end on the west side of the road. There is a giant sign for Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Park so it is hard to miss.


Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Trailhead:  41.046642,-111.904804

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