Relax at the hidden Red Sand Beach

Tom’s experience relaxing at Red Sand Beach:

Red Sand Beach in Hana, Hawaii is one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever been to.
Beautiful Red Sand Beach

There isn’t much parking so hopefully you can find a spot. Walk through the field to the small trail through the pine trees.

Red Sand Beach Maui

The ocean should be on your right as you walk along the trail. There is a small red sand beach below which we found a ton of sea glass but this isn’t the real Red Sand Beach.

Red Sand Beach Hana

Continue along the trail and eventually it will turn along the sea cliffs towards the real Red Sand Beach.

Maui Red Sand Beach

The blue color of the water contrasted with the beautiful Red Sand and cool rock formations is just spectacular.

Hana Red Sand Beach

When we were there, there was a painter trying to capture the moment and one other couple.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The trailhead begins at the Uakea Road, Hana, HI. If you type that into your GPS you should be able to find the parking area. It is just a dead end road that only allows parking on one side of the road. There are no signs indicating the trail. Just walk through the grass perpendicular to the road and towards the trees with the ocean on your right. Eventually you should see the trail and just follow the trail until you can’t any more. There are a few steep drop-offs towards the ocean but nothing too dangerous so long as you are careful but keep a close eye on younger children.


Parking Lot: 20.752347,-155.984069

Red Sand Beach:  20.752823,-155.981666

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