Hike to the narrow and rewarding Ringtail Canyon

Tom’s Experience canyoneering in Ringtail Canyon

This slot canyon was one of the narrowest – for the longest period of time – I’ve ever been in. It is very deep and very narrow. The main problem with Ringtail, is it is a fairly short canyon for how long it takes to get to it. Most people just end up canyoneering through it when they are in the area for other adventures.

Entrance to Ringtail Canyon

It is similar to a cave and there are very few parts where you are able to walk comfortably. Since the walls are so high, sunlight into the canyon is rare and you may want to take a headlamp just in case.

Ringtail Canyon Slot Canyon Entrance.

You start at the bottom of this canyon then move up it, you come back down the way you came. So you can spend as long as you want (or can handle, due to claustrophobia) in the canyon. The nice thing about Ringtail, is that as long as you don’t climb up anything you can’t climb down, you can’t really get stuck in this canyon.

Ringtail Canyon Escalante Canyoneering

There was a little water but we were able to stem over most of it. There were a few difficult choke stones we had to climb over or under, but for the most part it wasn’t too difficult.

Ringtail Canyon

We just turned around when we were ready. Dogs are allowed but must be on leash and may not enjoy the narrow canyon.

Ringtail Canyon Narrows

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info:  From Neon Canyon, follow the Escalante River downstream for about 20 minutes and it is the first canyon opening on the left as you are looking down river. The canyon goes for a ways but the obstacles in the canyon make it slow to hike through.

GPS: Trailhead = 37.593225,-111.218564                      Mouth of Ringtail Canyon = 37.599775,-111.156751

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