Discover the hidden and beautiful Sand Creek Waterfall

Tom’s Experience hiking to the Sand Creek Waterfall:

Finding the Sand Creek Waterfall can be very difficult. Driving to the trailhead is even more difficult.

Sand Creek Waterfall Trail

This waterfall is very pretty but since it is so difficult to find, and get to, it is not very popular. Once you get to the trailhead you will follow the Great Western Trail as it climbs upwards towards the red cliffs.

Sand Creek Waterfall - Sand Creek

Sometimes you will be able to see Sand Creek, other times you will not. Once you get to the steep red cliffs and it looks like they are starting to bend around you need to hop off the trail and start hiking towards the Sand Creek.

Sand Creek Waterfall Hike

I found no trail from the Great Western Trail to the Sand Creek Waterfall so we just bushwhacked. This wouldn’t have been horrible except just below the waterfall there are a lot of pokey bushes that made it difficult to hike through, especially with a baby in a backpack.

Sand Creek Waterfall Hike

Total round trip from the trailhead would be about 3 miles I think, but it could be a lot more depending on how lost you get trying to find the waterfall or how close you are able to park to the trailhead.

Sand Creek Waterfall Trail

Dogs are allowed on this trail but could have a difficult time with the bushwhacking. There is no swimming hole below the Sand Creek Waterfall.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Getting to the trail requires 4 wheel drive. From the west side of Torrey, Utah, take Sand Creek road north off of highway 24. Follow that until a fork and take a left onto FR 146. If you take the right fork it will shortly dead end. Here you will see a sign for the national forest as well as a few maps (I recommend taking a picture of the map before you begin). The trail you are looking for is at the end of FR 207 on the map and the end of that trail is closed to motorized vehicles to Sulphur Basin. To get there (from the maps and signs) you will come to many forks so you will take your first left, then a right, then a left, then a left. It is difficult to explain and your best bet would be to take a picture of the map and try to follow 207 to the end. It is usually marked but not always. The road is very sandy and crosses the creek multiple times. We have never had any problems on dirt roads but this one was very difficult and we had to park the car about a mile from the trailhead and hike the rest of the way. I saw two other pairs of footprints that must have had to do the same thing so be warned it is a difficult road. I would recommend taking an ATV if you have one. The Sand Creek Waterfall trailhead will be on the right which is marked with a sign and crosses the river right after the sign. Mileage from turnoff of highway 24 in Torrey to the trailhead is about 5 miles.


Sand Creek Waterfall Trailhead:     38.355849,-111.466945

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