Explore the popular Wind Caves

Tom’s experience at Wind Caves:

Wind Caves (also known as the Witch’s Castle) is a popular trail in Logan Canyon that is about 3.4 miles roundtrip.
Wind Caves Dog Friendly

The trail is very steep and climbs about 1,000 feet up the canyon walls.

Hiking to the Wind Caves

It doesn’t have a ton of shade and there is no water on the trail so it can get very hot.

Logan Wind Caves

The trail is easy to follow and the trailhead had a sign describing different wildlife including bats that are sometimes found in the cave.

Wind Caves Trail

There is also an outhouse at the trailhead. The cave itself is really neat and fun to cool off in after the challenging climb.

Wind Caves Hike

Dogs are allowed and bring plenty of water.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Logan, head east through Logan Canyon towards Bear Lake. It is about 5.3 miles up the canyon, near the Guinavah-Malibu Campground on the left side of the road. There really isn’t a sign for the Wind Caves but you should see the campground and the parking area easily.


Wind Caves Trailhead: 41.762195,-111.703545

Wind Caves: 41.762646,-111.717704

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Hike the beautiful Sunset Trail

Tom’s Experience hiking the Sunset Trail:

The Sunset Trail is one of the more popular hiking trails in Farmington, Utah. It is also known as the Farmington Creek Trail.

Davis County Trails

The trail is 1.6 miles from the lower trailhead to the upper trailhead which climbs about 900 feet and can be done one-way if you have a shuttle. Otherwise you have to hike 3.2 miles round trip.

Sunset Trail

As you start off this hike from the lower trailhead there is a small cave that you will pass where many people have had fires. The trail is a little overgrown in a few areas but it’s never too bad. The trail follows Farmington Creek up the canyon, (the largest stream in Davis County) but the majority of the hike is a ways above the creek so it isn’t very easy to get to.

Sunset Trail Waterfall

You will pass one smaller waterfall just off the trail as you cross a stream about half way up. The larger, 40 foot waterfall is below the trail closer to the other end. This waterfall is difficult to reach the bottom and can be easily missed if you are focusing too much on the trail because it is so off-to-the-side. The general trail was really easy to follow with only one fork that leads to many primitive camp spots.

Farmington Hiking Trails

There are also two old cars that are riddled with bullet holes near the trail towards the top trailhead. Most of the trail is really well covered with trees to help keep the temperature down in the summer and would make for a great autumn hike.

Upper Sunset Trail Waterfall

Dogs are allowed on this trail. This is a great trail to catch as the sun is setting and watch the sunset as you are heading from the upper trailhead down to the lower trailhead. This canyon is a popular feeding area for deer and moose so keep an eye out for wildlife.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Drive to 400 N. 100 E in Farmington, Utah. Turn north on 100 E and follow this road until it becomes Farmington Canyon Road. Follow this road 1.6 miles up, over a bridge, until you reach a dirt parking lot on the right, just as the paved road changes to dirt. You will pass a parking area on the right which leads to a dirt road but that is not the correct spot. The real dirt parking lot isn’t very large but has room for about 5 cars. This is the lower trailhead. The upper trailhead can be reached by car by following Farmington Canyon Road another 4 miles until you reach the Sunset Campground. There is a small sign at the upper trailhead letting you know which way for the Sunset Trail.


Lower Trailhead = 41.000345,-111.866387

Sunset Trail Campground = 41.002131,-111.840388

Upper Waterfall = 41.000411,-111.843173

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