Hike to the Rope Swing at Bloomington Lake

Tom’s experience at Bloomington Lake:

Bloomington Lake is a beautiful lake near Bear Lake in Idaho.
Bloomington Lake Hike

You can swim, fish and hike around the lake during the summer months. To the south of Bloomington Lake is steep cliffs that have snow most of the year.

Bloomington Lake Idaho

When we were there a few people had brought sleds and tubes to sled down the snow and then into the lake. The water was cool but refreshing during the hot summer months.

Trail to Bloomington Lake

There is also a rope swing you can swing on and jump into the lake. Be sure to test the rope if you are first in the morning and throughout the day.

Hiking to Bloomington Lake

The parking lot is large but it can fill up during popular summer times so be sure to get there early.

Bloomington Lake Rope Swing

There are outhouses at the parking lot and then it is about a half mile hike to the lake along a dirt trail. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on leash.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Bloomington Idaho, drive west about 12 miles along FS #409. The road is mostly dirt through open ranges and can take a while if you are in or behind a low clearance vehicle. The forks are marked and the trailhead isn’t too difficult to find.


Bloomington Lake Trailhead:     42.149379,-111.58382

Bloomington Lake:     42.1461,-111.575405

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Find the Hidden Cliff Jumping in the Truckee River

Tom’s Experience jumping into the Truckee River:

Jumping into the Truckee River was an interesting adventure.

Truckee River Northern Nevada Pit Stop

We were making the long drive across northern Nevada and there really wasn’t much to stop and do. We decided we would stop here to do a little cliff jumping to break up the long drive.

I-80 Truckee River Cliff Jumping

The parking is right off of eastbound I-80. There is just a small parking area right next to the Freeway. There are some cement barriers that you have to climb over and then a well worn trail that takes you under some trees and out to the cliffs.

Jumping From Truckee River Cliffs

The cliffs are about 20 feet high but the Truckee River is very green and dirty. There is a cement area that you can jump off of which leads to the deepest spot. Just be sure to check the depth of the water before you jump in since the river depth changes.

Truckee River Cliff Jumping

Dogs are allowed but be careful since you are parked right next to the Freeway.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Head east on I-80 just outside of Clark. The Truckee River turnoff is about a mile past exit 32.


Truckee River Turnoff:    39.578558, -119.471190

Truckee River Cliff Jumping Area:    39.578073, -119.469633

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