Explore Devils Garden in Arches National Park

Tom’s experience hiking the Devils Garden Trail:

Devils Garden in Arches National Park has the most arches per mile hiked than anywhere in the world.
Hiking Arches National Park


The Devils Garden Trail competes with the Delicate Arch trail as the most popular trail in Arches National Park.

Hiking Devils Garden

The trail is very well maintained for the first mile or so until you reach Landscape Arch (one of the largest natural bridges in the world). After that, it is less maintained and you will be walking through a lot of sand and across narrow sandstone cliffs.

Devils Garden Arches

The total distance of the loop hike is 7.2 miles if you take every spur trail to each arch. There is some elevation changes throughout the hike but nothing too bad.

Devils Garden Landscape Arch

Along this trail you will see Tunnel Arch, Pine Tree Arch, Landscape Arch, Wall Arch, Partition Arch, Navajo Arch, Black Arch, Double O Arch, Dark Angel monolith, Private arch and a trip through Fin Canyon.

Arches National Park

There are also other unmarked arches and rock formations along the way that you can find if you are observant.

Devils Garden Arches NP

The trail has very minor scrambling but nothing very difficult. It is also very well marked and should be easy to follow.  Of all the arches I think Wall Arch was my favorite.

Arches Devils Garden

Dogs are not allowed on this trail. Climbing on arches is also not allowed. There are about 300 parking spaces in the Devils Garden Trailhead parking. If you arrive after about 9:30 there is a good chance the parking lot will be full and you will have a hard time finding a spot. There are outhouses and a drinking fountain at the trailhead.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Follow the main road in Arches National Park all the way to the end to the Devils Garden Trailhead. The road is well marked and it is easy to find.


Devils Garden Trailhead:     38.782905, -109.594944

Landscape Arch:     38.790589, -109.607168

Double O Arch:     38.799298, -109.621003

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Defy gravity on the popular Angels Landing trail

Tom’s Experience hiking Angels Landing:

Angels Landing is probably the most popular trail in all of Utah. It is not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights. However, the views and the trail really are quite remarkable.

Angels Landing Zion

You start at the Grotto Trailhead which is the 6th stop on the Zion shuttle buses. The trail starts off by crossing the Virgin River and then heads steeply up the side of the cliff face on switchbacks, some of which are cut out of the rock itself.

Hiking Angels Landing

After the first steep section you enter a narrow canyon called Refrigerator Canyon, which provides shade and more of a level trail for a bit.

Angels Landing West Rim Trail

Once you exit the canyon there are some very tight switchbacks that are paved and are called Walter’s Wiggles. After this there is a level area called Scouts Lookout, where people who are scared of heights can wait, while others continue up to the top of Angels Landing.

Angels Landing Hike

The chains start immediately and you are on sandstone rock the rest of the way. The drop-offs are steep on both sides of the trail but the views are spectacular.

Angels Landing National Park

Watch where you place your feet and keep hold of the chains. You shouldn’t have problems, but we saw multiple people who had to turn around because they couldn’t handle the height. At the top you will have awesome views both up and down Zion Canyon. Many were posing for the famous Angels Landing pictures.

Angels Landing Zion National Park

Dogs are not allowed on this trail. It is 4.8 miles round trip and gains 1500 ft in very steep elevation. This is a very popular trail and the narrowness near the top can cause a bit of a jam so you may need to be patient if you go during the more popular times of the year.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Exit the Zion shuttle at the Grotto Trailhead the 6th stop on the shuttle. You will be following the West Rim Trail for most of the hike until the end with the chains.


Grotto Trailhead:     37.259038,-112.951046

Angels Landing Summit:    37.269378,-112.946572

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