Deseret Peak Loop

Tom’s experience hiking the Deseret Peak Loop:

The Deseret Peak Loop is a great mountain hike near Salt Lake City, Utah. The route has quite a bit of variety starting in a beautiful forest and ending at a cliffy summit.
Hike Deseret Peak

It has great views of the Great Salt Lake and the Salt Flats. The elevation of the summit is 11,031 feet but it has over 5,000 feet of prominence and is the highest point in Toole County.

Deseret Peak Hike

Parking at the trailhead can fill up quickly during popular times so come early. There are outhouses at the trailhead. The trail starts out through a pretty dense forest. After about .75 miles you will cross the creek and the fork for the trail is immediately after that.

Deseret Peak Trail

There are signs and if you plan to do the loop in a clockwise fashion (the more popular way) take the left fork. From here you will head steeply up the valley along some switchbacks and make your way up to the ridge. From the ridge you keep heading up until you reach the summit. There is a survey marker at the summit. You can return the way you came or continue heading north and complete the loop.

Deseret Peak Loop

The loop isn’t recommended in the early season since it is a very steep descent and there is usually more snow on the north side than the south side. When I went in July it really wasn’t too bad other than one part with a steep glissade but it wasn’t too bad so long as you are careful.

Deseret Peak Utah

Continue down the valley until you meet back up with the trail and then you are almost back to the parking lot. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: The parking the trailhead is at the Loop Campground. To get there take exit 99 off I-80 on Why 36. After 3 miles turn right on SR 138. Follow this 11 miles to Grantsville. Turn left on West Street near the end of Grantsville. Go 5 miles south until you see the sign for South Willow Canyon. Follow that road until the end. It will eventually turn into a dirt road but it is very level just be careful if it has rained recently.


Loop Campground Trailhead: 40.48296,-112.606443

Deseret Peak Summit: 40.45961,-112.626288

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Explore the popular Wind Caves

Tom’s experience at Wind Caves:

Wind Caves (also known as the Witch’s Castle) is a popular trail in Logan Canyon that is about 3.4 miles roundtrip.
Wind Caves Dog Friendly

The trail is very steep and climbs about 1,000 feet up the canyon walls.

Hiking to the Wind Caves

It doesn’t have a ton of shade and there is no water on the trail so it can get very hot.

Logan Wind Caves

The trail is easy to follow and the trailhead had a sign describing different wildlife including bats that are sometimes found in the cave.

Wind Caves Trail

There is also an outhouse at the trailhead. The cave itself is really neat and fun to cool off in after the challenging climb.

Wind Caves Hike

Dogs are allowed and bring plenty of water.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Logan, head east through Logan Canyon towards Bear Lake. It is about 5.3 miles up the canyon, near the Guinavah-Malibu Campground on the left side of the road. There really isn’t a sign for the Wind Caves but you should see the campground and the parking area easily.


Wind Caves Trailhead: 41.762195,-111.703545

Wind Caves: 41.762646,-111.717704

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