Explore Devils Garden in Arches National Park

Tom’s experience hiking the Devils Garden Trail:

Devils Garden in Arches National Park has the most arches per mile hiked than anywhere in the world.
Hiking Arches National Park


The Devils Garden Trail competes with the Delicate Arch trail as the most popular trail in Arches National Park.

Hiking Devils Garden

The trail is very well maintained for the first mile or so until you reach Landscape Arch (one of the largest natural bridges in the world). After that, it is less maintained and you will be walking through a lot of sand and across narrow sandstone cliffs.

Devils Garden Arches

The total distance of the loop hike is 7.2 miles if you take every spur trail to each arch. There is some elevation changes throughout the hike but nothing too bad.

Devils Garden Landscape Arch

Along this trail you will see Tunnel Arch, Pine Tree Arch, Landscape Arch, Wall Arch, Partition Arch, Navajo Arch, Black Arch, Double O Arch, Dark Angel monolith, Private arch and a trip through Fin Canyon.

Arches National Park

There are also other unmarked arches and rock formations along the way that you can find if you are observant.

Devils Garden Arches NP

The trail has very minor scrambling but nothing very difficult. It is also very well marked and should be easy to follow.  Of all the arches I think Wall Arch was my favorite.

Arches Devils Garden

Dogs are not allowed on this trail. Climbing on arches is also not allowed. There are about 300 parking spaces in the Devils Garden Trailhead parking. If you arrive after about 9:30 there is a good chance the parking lot will be full and you will have a hard time finding a spot. There are outhouses and a drinking fountain at the trailhead.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Follow the main road in Arches National Park all the way to the end to the Devils Garden Trailhead. The road is well marked and it is easy to find.


Devils Garden Trailhead:     38.782905, -109.594944

Landscape Arch:     38.790589, -109.607168

Double O Arch:     38.799298, -109.621003

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Climb the terrifying Ancient Art tower

Tom’s Experience Climbing Ancient Art: 

Climbing the  Fisher Towers Stolen Chimney Route of Ancient Art is extremely exposed and very scary to climb. Ancient Art is very popular, many call it a classic, and may require long wait times in order to climb to the top. This rock formation has been on the cover of numerous posters, magazine covers and guidebooks, as well as the Citi bank commercial. The Stolen Chimney Route is not a climb you will easily forget.

Belaying on Ancient Art

My family and I (including our dog, who had to wait at the bottom of the climb with my pregnant wife) left the Fisher Towers trailhead at 7:00 am and were the third group to start climbing. However, there were maybe a dozen groups after us, so it was important that we started early.

Climbing Ancient Art

It is 4 pitches, but the last pitch is the highlight of the climb, and is very exposed; it is also the pitch that receives the most publicity. The route is rated 5.10 but can be made easier if using bolts to create ladders. Most of the route was fairly well protected for an experienced climber.

4th pitch of Ancient Art

My dad is an excellent rock climber and has been climbing for many years. He led our family on this climb. The first pitch is up an easy rock pile to the base of a chimney. The second pitch is through a dirty chimney to a nice natural platform.

Ancient Art Height

The third pitch is up an exposed face to the bridge. The fourth pitch is walking about 20 steps across an extremely narrow and exposed ledge to a diving board, then up to the tip of the narrow summit. As you look over the edge from the bridge, there are hundred foot drop offs on either side; which make for a very airy ascent.

Summit of Ancient Art

Depending on the group size and how many groups ahead of you, climbing Ancient Art could take anywhere from a few hours to all day. It took our group of four most of the day. We climbed it in the spring, so the temperature was fairly nice, and waiting for others wasn’t much of a problem.We ended up rappelling to the bottom, but people looking for an even bigger thrill can base jump to the bottom.

Tom’s Rating:

Ancient Art Trail Info: Start at the Fisher Towers trailhead and hike in about .5 miles. The trail brings you around to Ancient Art, where there is another well worn trail to the left of the main trail that leads to the base of the climb. Dogs are allowed in the Fisher Towers Area.

GPS Coordinates:   Trailhead – 38.724844,-109.308826                              Ancient Art Rock Climb – 38.721663,-109.304223

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