Enjoying the day on Canaan Mountain

Tom’s Experience hiking Canaan Mountain:

Canaan Mountain is an interesting mountain to climb. You gain most of your elevation near the beginning of the hike and then the trail is practically level all the way to the summit.

Hiking to Canaan Mountain

The summit is surrounded by steep cliffs on all sides so you must hike up one of the few canyons. You can approach the summit from either Water Canyon or Squirrel Canyon.

Trail to Canaan Mountain

When we climbed to the summit we combined it with the Squirrel Canyon and Water Canyon Loop.

The Slot Canaan Mountain

Once you arrive at the top of the giant mesa there are a lot of interesting rock formations. The trails aren’t very easy to follow so a good map and GPS are necessary.

Canaan Mountain Trail

Once you reach the white domes you will leave the loop trail and start heading towards the summit. This is a long hike and seems to take forever since you are hiking along a mesa, you never feel like you are climbing towards a summit.

Canaan Mountain Rock Formations

Once you reach the summit you return back to the white domes and exit through water canyon. After hiking to the summit, we decided the loop itself was worth doing, but the summit wasn’t worth all the time it took to get there. If you are looking for a neat hike, I would suggest only hiking the loop and not heading off towards the summit. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Hildale, Utah, turn north onto Utah Drive and reset your odometer. Follow this road 1.8 miles until you reach a stop sign. Continue straight through the intersection. At 2.8 miles there will be two dirt roads on the right. Take the second dirt road called Water Canyon Road. The road will be come very sandy so 4 wheel drive is recommended. At 3.5 you come to an intersection  but continue left on the main road. A short distance further there is another intersection, stay right this time. After that just a little further and you will arrive at another intersection, take a right and the parking lot is right there next to an old fence.


Lower Parking Lot:     37.026332,-112.952918

Squirrel Canyon Entrance:     37.040688,-112.940891

White Domes:     37.062793,-112.983897

Canaan Mountain Summit:     37.082481,-113.010477

Water Canyon Exit:     37.037905,-112.954967

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Climb the highest peak in the Cache County Naomi Peak

Tom’s Experience climbing Naomi Peak:

Naomi peak is the highest summit in the Bear River mountain range and the county high point for Cache County. The summit is 9,828 feet, with an impressive prominence of 3,159 feet.

Trail to White Pine Lake

In the autumn, many hunters are in the area so be sure to wear bright colors if you plan on hiking in this area.

County High Point Hikes

The easiest way to the summit is by starting at Tony Grove Lake. There is a small fee to park your car here. The trail is pretty straight forward with all major intersections marked by signs.

Highest Point in Cache County

At about .3 miles there will be an intersection with the right fork heading towards White Pine Lake and the left fork heading towards the summit.

Naomi Peak Logan

You will pass through numerous trees as well as steep cliff faces but the trail is well worn and easy to follow and fairly gradual for a mountain hike. The total distance is about 7 miles roundtrip.

Descending the Mountain

Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Logan, Utah, head east up Logan Canyon past USU. The turnoff for Tony Grove is signed and is about 19 miles from the mouth of the canyon. Drive 7 miles along that road until the road dead-ends at the trailhead parking. There is also a campground right before the trailhead parking. There is a lake and an outhouse in the parking area.


Tony Grove Trailhead:     41.895046,-111.642439

Mount Naomi Summit:    41.911321,-111.675236

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