Visiting Bonsai Rock is a photographers paradise

Tom’s Experience photographing Bonsai Rock:

Bonsai Rock is one of the most photographed places in Lake Tahoe. Its proximity to the road is probably why its so popular.

Bonsai Rock Tahoe

It is a steep descent down to the rocky shore but once you reach the shore, there are a ton of places for taking photographs.

Lake Tahoe Bonsai Rock

Bonsai Rock may be the best place to enjoy a sunset along the Lake Tahoe Shoreline. Dogs are allowed but this isn’t a great place for them since there are so many rocks.

Bonsai Rock Photography

There are many trails down to Bonsai Rock and most are easy to follow in the sand or across rocks.

Bonsai Rock Lake Tahoe

Be sure to show up a little earlier so you can make it down to the shore.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Finding the trail isn’t too difficult. There are a few unmarked turnouts off of the highway that you will need to find in order to park. Usually they aren’t full but they could be in the middle of the day when the South Harbor parking lot is full. The turnouts are about a mile south of Sand Harbor along the 28. You should be able to see Bonsai Rock by looking down the hill from the road.


Bonsai Tree Lake Tahoe:   39.185138,-119.927976

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Find the Hidden Cliff Jumping in the Truckee River

Tom’s Experience jumping into the Truckee River:

Jumping into the Truckee River was an interesting adventure.

Truckee River Northern Nevada Pit Stop

We were making the long drive across northern Nevada and there really wasn’t much to stop and do. We decided we would stop here to do a little cliff jumping to break up the long drive.

I-80 Truckee River Cliff Jumping

The parking is right off of eastbound I-80. There is just a small parking area right next to the Freeway. There are some cement barriers that you have to climb over and then a well worn trail that takes you under some trees and out to the cliffs.

Jumping From Truckee River Cliffs

The cliffs are about 20 feet high but the Truckee River is very green and dirty. There is a cement area that you can jump off of which leads to the deepest spot. Just be sure to check the depth of the water before you jump in since the river depth changes.

Truckee River Cliff Jumping

Dogs are allowed but be careful since you are parked right next to the Freeway.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Head east on I-80 just outside of Clark. The Truckee River turnoff is about a mile past exit 32.


Truckee River Turnoff:    39.578558, -119.471190

Truckee River Cliff Jumping Area:    39.578073, -119.469633

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