Check out the fall salmon run on the Skull Crack Trail

Tom’s Experience hiking the Skull Crack Trail to the Salmon Run:

The Skull Crack Trail follows Causey Reservoir back into the canyon. The trail begins at the south end of the Reservoir at the main parking area. There is a restroom as well as a sign. There is no fee to hike or park here but parking is very limited. Total roundtrip distance is about 4.8 miles.

Hiking Causey Reservoir Skull Crack Trail

From the parking lot the dirt Skull Crack Trail follows the reservoir and climbs uphill until about half way and then descends back down to the river that fills the reservoir.

Salmon Spawn Skull Crack Trail

If you go during September you are able to see the salmon run in the river as hundreds of bright orange or pink salmon have come here to spawn. There are trails that you can follow up river to see more fish as well as a few primitive campsites.

Causey Trail Skull Crack Trail

The trail up the river can get very overgrown and if you’re willing to get wet, it is easiest to walk right up the river. There are a few trees along the trail providing shade but not much of it.

Causey Salmon Spawn Skull Crack Trail

Also there is no access to the water from along the trail but you can get to the reservoir at the start and end of the trail.

Causey Reservoir Skull Crack Trail

If you would prefer you can canoe, kayak, or paddle through the reservoir and still head back to see the salmon. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Ogden, Utah, take 12th street east and follow it up the canyon and around Pine View Reservoir. When you get to Huntsville, turn right and continue to head east up the canyon. In 8 miles you will come to a sign for Causey Road. Turn right here and follow the road to the dam. Turn right to cross the dam and follow that road til it ends at the parking lot for the Skull Crack Trail.


Skull Crack Trailhead:     41.28981,-111.582765

Skull Crack End:     41.288699,-111.564918

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The popular hike to Mount Ogden from Beus Canyon

Tom’s Experience Climbing Mount Ogden from Beus Canyon:

Mount Ogden is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Ogden.

Ogden Hiking Trails

There are four main routes to the summit, Beus Canyon, Waterfall Canyon, Taylor Canyon and Snowbasin. This will describe the route up Beus Canyon. With a shuttle, you can make it a loop hike from any of the other trailheads. From Beus to the summit is 6.6 miles one way.

Hiking in Ogden

The route up Beus is fairly steep but easy to follow. The trail intersects with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail but is well signed for directions to the summit. You will hike next to a stream up the mountain and pass a small waterfall.

Ogden Mountains

The canyon here can be in the shade most of the morning which is very nice in the summer. You will come to some fern fields where you may have to cross over the stream a few times, you shouldn’t need to get wet, but the trail can be muddy.

Ogden Summit

This will lead to the trail heading south and traversing around the mountain. Eventually you will reach the saddle and the radio towers will come into view. The final bit of the trail is following a very steep road up to the summit. From the summit you have good views of both Lewis Peak and Ben Lomond.

Ogden Summit Trail

Be careful on the trail, we saw one rattlesnake but it left us alone. You may also want to wear pants because the trail is over grown in a few spots. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: From Harrison Blvd in Ogden, Utah, turn east towards the mountains on 4600 S. Follow this road up the mountain until it starts to bend south and the destination will be on the right. Parking is limited and there are no facilities at the trailhead.


Beus Canyon Trailhead:     41.177213,-111.929446

Summit:    41.199923,-111.882421

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