Travel back in time at the Parrish Creek Pictographs

Tom’s Experience hiking to the Parrish Creek Pictographs:

The Parrish Creek Pictographs are located just outside of Centerville, above the Bonneville Shoreline trail. We went in the fall when the leaves were changing and it was a beautiful area.

Utah Pictographs Farmington

You start from the top of Parrish Lane in Centerville and hike up the mountain for about 500 yards. At this point you will meet up with a large trail running north and south. Take the trail that goes north and it will start to lead to Parrish Creek.

Red Bridge

Cross the red bridge and then immediately turn right to follow the stream up the mountain. You will pass a small waterfall and a few steep sections through numerous trees.

Utah Pictographs

You do not need to cross the stream. Right below the pictographs is a rock that you have to climb up but it isn’t too difficult.

Hiking to the Parrish Creek Pictographs

There is a sign warning you about the consequences of defacing the pictographs. The trail was a little overgrown in spots after the bridge but never hard to follow.

Hiking in Centerville

Return the way you came. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: In Centerville, Utah, go all the way up 400 N towards the mountain. The road will curve to the right with a small dirt road heading to the left. Take the dirt road and follow it to the top and there will be a large parking area. The trailhead is on the north end of the parking area.


Parrish Creek Trailhead:     40.922538,-111.866284

Parrish Creek Pictographs:     40.924279,-111.861125

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Check out the ancient artwork Fruita Petroglyphs

Tom’s Experience visiting the Fruita Petroglyphs:

The Fruita Petroglyphs are some very interesting petroglyphs just off of highway 24 in Capitol Reef National Park near the Fruita Schoolhouse. There is a small wooden bridge that leads you from the parking lot to the base of the steep red cliffs which contain numerous petroglyphs.

Fruita Petroglyphs Roadside

The trapezoid humans are very interesting and there are numerous other petroglyphs. There is also a bridge walk that you can take which takes you along the red cliffs with numerous unmarked petroglyphs. Dogs are allowed at the stop on leash.

Tom’s Rating:

Fruita Petroglyphs Location: The petroglyphs is just off of highway 24 about a mile past the Capitol Reef Visitor Center just after the Fruita Schoolhouse.


Fruita Petroglyphs:     38.288103,-111.242301

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