Hike to Ogden’s popular Waterfall Canyon

Tom’s Experience hiking Waterfall Canyon:

Ogden’s Waterfall Canyon hike is one of the most popular hiking trails in Ogden, leading to a 200-foot waterfall also known as Malan’s Waterfall. This trail is below the trail to Malans Peak.

Trail to Waterfall Canyon

Round trip, the trail is only 2.4 miles but don’t be fooled, it is pretty steep and is more challenging than you would expect a short hike to be.

Hiking in Ogden

A lot of the Waterfall Canyon trail is on private property so please be respectful. You will pass through an open fence, which throws many people off, but you are on the right trail! Because this is private property however, you may encounter a friendly ranger hiking along side you. The trail follows the Bonneville Shoreline Trail for a while until it cuts off to the left towards the waterfall just after a wooden bridge.

Waterfall Canyon Bridge

Depending on the amount of water coming from the waterfall you may have to cross a stream or two but you shouldn’t need to get wet.

Waterfall at Waterfall Canyon

Depending on the time of day, the popularity of this trail means that you will often see many people along the way to and from the falls. Dogs are allowed on the Waterfall Canyon Trail but must be on leash.

Ogden Hiking Trails Waterfall Canyon

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Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: In Ogden, follow 29th street east until it comes to a parking lot, on the right, for the trailhead. There are well labeled signs for the the trail just make sure you don’t miss the turnoff for the Waterfall Canyon trail.


Waterfall Canyon Trailhead:    41.210736,-111.931915

Waterfall Canyon Fork:   41.203174,-111.926111

Waterfall:    41.202839,-111.924061

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