Hike the dog friendly Wheeler Creek – Icebox Canyon Loop

Tom’s Experience hiking Wheeler Creek

I really enjoy hiking on this trail. I take my dog up here almost once a week and we always see other dogs that she can play with. The stream keeps the temperature on the trail cooler and the trail is so wide it is easy to pass hikers or bikers.

Hiking Wheeler Creek CanyonThe first two miles of the trail are uphill but it isn’t too steep and the last two are a gradual downhill. Wheeler Creek starts following the stream up the canyon. Half-way up Wheeler Canyon there is a sign and a fork in the trail to go to Icebox Canyon.

Bridge to Ice Box CanyonI think it is easier to continue up to the top of Wheeler Canyon and exit through Icebox but the choice is yours. I think Icebox is the prettiest part of this trail so it is nice to save until near the end.

Wheeler Creek CanyonThe top of Wheeler Canyon is called the Art Nord Trailhead and there is a memorial sign that is easy to find right off the trail. From the Art Nord Trailhead the trail moves right and almost runs parallel with the old Snow Basin road. The road is not maintained and is in poor condition.
Backside of Mt. OgdenFollow the trail and enjoy views of Snow Basin Ski Resort and eventually come back down through Icebox Canyon which is another trail that follows a stream. The trail is a little narrower here but the forest is very green and fun to hike through.

Hiking Wheeler Creek Canyon Through the Trees
Eventually, you will meet back up with Wheeler Canyon and take a left back to your car. There are a number of river crossings but all are on bridges. The total distance is about 4.5 miles.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Head up Ogden Canyon for about 6 miles. Just as the canyon starts to open up, the parking is on the south side of the road. If you make it all the way to Pine View Reservoir you have gone too far. The parking is just off the side of the road with a few parking spots down lower on a dirt road. Follow the dirt road maybe 100 yards to the sign of the trail head.


Trailhead = 41.252686,-111.842823

Fork to Icebox = 41.241312,-111.833364

Art Nord Trailhead = 41.234119,-111.821058

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