Climb to Weber County’s highest point Willard Peak

Tom’s Experience climbing Willard Peak from Ben Lomond:

Willard Peak is the highest point in Weber County. Willard Peak elevation is 9,764.

Weber County High Point

There are two ways to get to Willard Peak. One from Inspiration Point and the other is by hiking to Ben Lomond and then traversing over to Willard Peak.

Hiking Willard Peak

From Ben Lomond you will follow the ridge and an easy trail down and over to Willard Peak. It is about 3 miles round trip from Ben Lomond to Willard and back. There is no trail that leads to the top so you must scramble up to it.

Willard Peak Hike

It was fairly easy class 2 scrambling if you picked your route well. Near the top there are a few cliff faces but anything too steep was easy to avoid. We ended up walking around to the north side of Willard Peak and scrambling our way to the top from there.

Willard Peak Summit

There were numerous mountain goats on the north side of Willard but they were cooling off in the shade of the trees below the trail and difficult to see without binoculars. Dogs are allowed here and should be able to make it to the summit without much of a problem.

Returning from Willard Peak

My favorite part of this trail was hiking from Willard back towards Ben Lomond. It was a bit of a climb but it was fun to look at Ben Lomond, the Uintas and Ogden City as we hiked.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail Info: Take one of the numerous trails to Ben Lomond and right near the summit the trail will start to head north towards Willard Peak.


Top of Ben Lomond: 41.363187,-111.96075

Top of Willard Peak: 41.382992,-111.974102

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