Yankee Doodle Canyon is one dandy adventure

Tom’s Experience canyoneering through Yankee Doodle Canyon:

This canyon is a really fun, short and sweet, canyoneering adventure. No permits are required and no shuttle is needed either. The first rappel is just 170 feet from the parking area.  The parking is limited and is just off to the side of the road.

St. George Canyoneering Yankee Doodle Canyon

The first rappel can be done as a free rappel and we left our rope here in the anchors, and then took a much smaller rope the rest of the way with us.

Chimneying in Yankee Doodle Canyon

There were a number of down-climbs/rappels that were very short. Once or twice we set up a rope just to be safe but most of the time we ended up down climbing.

Climbing Through Yankee Doodle Canyon

When we went over Labor Day there was a lot of water in the canyon and it was fun to try to avoid it by chimneying. We made a bet that whoever got wet first had to bake cookies for the rest of the group in our party. At one point we needed to get in up to our chests.

Canyoneering Yankee Doodle Canyon

To get out of the canyon there is a nearly vertical hike/climb back up towards the dirt road and then a very short hike back along the road towards the car. We just picked up our rope and then left.

Southern Utah Canyoneering Yankee Doodle Canyon

I liked that this hike really had everything you could want in a canyoneering trip, a free rappel, water to try and avoid and no car shuttle. Yankee Doodle Canyon sure is a dandy for a Slot Canyon St George. Dogs are allowed if they enjoy rappelling.

Tom’s Rating:

Trail info: If you are heading North on I15 from St. George, take exit 22 off of I15 for the town of Leeds. Follow the road north through Leeds 1.6 miles, then turn left and drive under the freeway onto Silver Reef Road. If you are coming South from Cedar City take exit 23 and then turn right off of the exit onto Silver Reef Road. Stay on this road and it will eventually turn into a dirt road. After 3 miles from the freeway exit, the road will fork, take the left fork and go up the hill. It is then about 5.5 miles from the fork to the parking. The parking is not marked but there is room for 3 or 4 cars off to the right of the road. The trail starts to the left of the road and there are a few cairns to mark the way. The first rappel as well as many others are bolted.

GPS Parking Coordinates: 37°14.205 N 113°27.233 W

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